Sunday, June 22, 2014


Canadian Parliament unanimously adopted a motion supporting Iranian residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq

On June 16t the Canadian Parliament Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Human Rights unanimously adopted a motion in support of the more than 3000 residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq - formerly at Camp Ashraf - all of whom are designated protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The motion followed compelling testimony on the urgency of the security and humanitarian situation at Camp Liberty, and the need for international protective action.
The residents, who are members of the Iranian dissident group Mojahedin e-Khalq [PMOI/MEK'], have been forced to live at Camp Liberty under dangerous and deplorable conditions as characterized by a wholly inadequate security infrastructure. Since 2009, they have been the victims of six violent attacks, the most lethal of which occurred at Camp Ashraf on September 1, 2013. 52 people were executed and seven hostages remain missing and unaccounted for.
The motion recognizes that the situation at Camp Liberty constitutes an urgent legal, political and - in particular- humanitarian crisis. It calls on the Untied Nations to immediately establish a permanent presence inside Camp Liberty and to launch an independent and impartial investigation into the September 1 massacre. It also recommends that Canada provide assistance for the relocation of Camp Liberty residents and accept some number of them as asylum seekers.

11 Internet activists condemned to jail terms

The Iranian regime’s public prosecutor in the city of Kerman said 11 Internet activists were condemned to 1 to 11 years behind bars on charges of passing information to “dissident media outlets”.
Yadollah Movahed
 یدالله موحدdid not name those arrested but said four of them were working in the “management field” and seven others were under their influence.
Last year Iranian regime officials had reported of arresting 16 cybernet activists on charges of “cooperating with foreign networks with the goal of overthrowing the state”.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency: Vienna 5 talks reach dead-end

The terrorist Quds Force-affiliated Tasnim news agency in Iran wired an analysis report on Saturday, June 21st, saying the Vienna 5 negotiations between the Iranian regime and 5+1 have failed and reached a dead end. Tasnim referred to remarks made by the regime's foreign minister Javad Zarif that this time, in contrast to previous rounds, he used “intense language of criticism against the other party… and clearly mentioned fundamental differences between Iran and the other party…”
Tasnim wrote: “The result of all the telephone communications and direct negotiations with the US has been this that they are asking for even more now, and despite the fact that Iran has shown all the necessary cooperation and possible guarantees on its activities being peaceful, the negotiations have reached a dead-end… however, Iran’s nuclear team doesn’t want the negotiations’ dead-end to lead to an official failure because it has promised both the people to resolve the problem, and at least in the current conditions an official negotiations failure will be in no interest of the country.”
Referring to claims made by Zarif and the negotiating team that the text of the comprehensive agreement is being written, Tasnim added, “Starting to letter the text of the comprehensive agreement is aimed at buying time between promises. Record shows that the Americans have already made their plans for the next stage. However, does the Iranian nuclear team have any plan for the next stage, or is it just continuing based on hopes? We have to wait and see and evaluate the next policies and approaches.”

Group of Iran Air workers on strike in Tehran’s Mehr Abad Airport
A group of service workers of the load and cargo section in terminal 2 of Tehran’s MehrAbad Airport went on strike on Thursday, June 19th, protesting their unfair salaries and a very low raise in their paychecks in the new Iranian calendar year starting March.
Their strike led to a stoppage in cargo being transferred and a large number of people crowding the terminal. This is the second time this month the workers have gone on strike.

Renowned martyr mother meets with mothers of 4 Sunni Kurd pol prisoners
A number of protesting family members of 4 Sunni Kurd political prisoners gathering outside Ghezel Hesar Prison since Sunday, June 15th, returned to the city of Sanandaj (western Iran) on Wednesday, while the lawyers’ papers of the 4 inmates were signed on the same day. They were joined by the mother of martyr Mostafa Karim Beigi.
Ghezel Hesar Prison officials allowed Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molaei, Jamshid Dehghani and Jahangir Dehghani, the four Sunni Kurd prisoners to sign their lawyers’ papers. Following this signing two human rights lawyers were allowed to follow up on their judicial case.
Despite the family members ending their protests at
5 pm on Wednesday, others were continuing their rally.
According to Iranian resistances' source, security agents and police threatened the parents to tear up the lawyers’ papers unless they end their protest gathering.

Tehran youths clash with government police

A group of Tehran youths clashed with repressive regime police agents on Friday preventing girls from entering Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch a volleyball match between Iran and Italy. The repressive police severely beat the protesting youth and arrested a number of them. They also arrested 50 of the girls and transferred them to a security police center on Vozara  وزراAvenue. Under the current regime in Iran, girls are not allowed to watch sports (with male players) in stadiums. 

Iranian regime terrified of gathering around 2009 uprising symbol’s grave

Iran’s intelligence and police agents on Friday, June 20th, prevented large crowds gathering at the grave of 2009 uprising symbol Neda AghaSultan in Tehran’s famous Behesth-e Zahra Cemetery to mark the fifth anniversary of her death.
Iranian regime agents even prevented Neda’s parents from going to her grave and arrested a number of visitors along with two former political prisoners Behnam Musivand and Majid Moghadam who were freed later on.

Fifth round of P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran ends

The fifth round of nuclear talks between P5+1 and the Iranian regime came to an end.
Michael Mann, spokesman of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, issued a statement saying the two parties have started lettering the final agreement text.
Senior P5+1 diplomats will be meeting on June 26th in
Brussels to discuss the next round of negotiations in Vienna that will begin on July 2nd, Mann added.
Citing diplomats informed of the talks AP reported some of the disputes have decreased but they have made little progress on the main subject because
Iran continues to resist on the harsh limitations to be imposed on its uranium enrichment program.
The Revolutionary Guards’
Fars news agency wired a report saying many differences in the negotiators’ positions have led to doubts on reaching an agreement before the July 20th deadline. The 6-month negotiations period can be extended but since this extension can complicate the situation, all parties are trying to reach an agreement in this first 6-month period.

The match between Iran and Argentian at the World Cup ended with Argentines's victory by one goal. Iran's next game is on Wednesday June 25th. As the match between Argentina and Iran was on yesterday the families of victime of the 1983 Buenos Aires terrorist attack came on the streets of Sao Paulo Argentina demanding justice. According to Associated Press they were carrying banners saying: 20 years of injustice, a red card for justice.
85 people parished on that attack. The Argentine prosecuters blame the Iranian regime.