Sunday, August 03, 2014


Israeli Army on Saturday bombarded the city of Rafah in southern Gaza during a 72 hour cease-fire, killing 150 and wounding many more, the bloodiest day since the beginning of such attacks. The numbers of Palestinians killed since the Israel ground, air and see attacks began, surpasses the 1670 mark and the number of those injured according to Riaz Mansour Palestinian representative @UN, stands at 10,000 people, most of them women and children. It's believed that 3 Israeli civilians and about 50 soldiers are killed on Israel side since the beginning of the conflict. Both sides blame each other for violating the cease-fire.


7th day of strike by Sanandaj Parris Textile Company workers in Iran

In Iran protest news, the strike launched by Sanandaj textile workers protesting not being paid for the past six months continues for the past 7 days. Workers of the Parris Textile Company have not received their pay checks from the beginning of this year. This includes their New Year pensions back in March 2012 and 2013.
These workers have said if their demands are not sought to, they will hold other protests rallies alongside their strikes.

Iran: Harsh prison terms for political activist

Despite prison rules to have one telephone call a day, Negar Haeri, daughter of Mashallah Haeri, a political prisoner in Gohardasht prison has not been allowed any telephone calls to her family for past days. This is where her other prison mates have had this benefit. She also complains of water disconnection for so many days which has prevented them from bathing and sanitation. She has been transferred to a new ward and has been prevented to talk to any of her prison mates. She says she has been totally isolated and other people in her cell avoid any contact or dialogue with her fearing punishment and torture. She even been denied joining rehab classes by the prison guards. This has been torturous for her, mentally, just because she is the daughter of a political prisoner.


Iran: 10 million eliminated from list of receiving subsidies

In Iran economy news, Ali Tayeb Nia, Minister of Economy in the Rouhani cabinet, said around 10 million people will be eliminated from the list of subsidy receivers. A committee has been established in the Targeted Subsidies Headquarters with the Welfare Ministry leading the efforts to carry out this plan to make the necessary decisions on how to eliminate these individuals. This is yet another fruit of Rouhani’s policies, leading the Iranian people even deeper into poverty.

Horrible conditions in the Mullahs’ prisons in Iran is getting worse

The reported that base on reports from inside the regime, inhumane conditions in prisons in Iran are worsening and threatening the lives of increasing numbers of inmates.
-In Varamin’s Qarchak prison, prisoners have staged a protest over the poor quality of the food and dire sanitary conditions.
-In Borazjan, prison inmates resorted to fasting to show their anger at deteriorating conditions.
-In Gohardasht prison, the mobile communications jamming signal in the political prisoners’ ward is being used as a tool to torture prisoners and their families psychologically.
-In Karaj Central Prison, a prisoner has died due to inhumane treatment by the executioners, and there is also an outbreak of tuberculosis in the facility.
-At Evin prison, prisoners are starving due to the poor low quantity and quality of the food. Prisoners are also banned from bringing food from the outside.

Iranian regime has rejected the inclusion of 2 nuclear sites in negotiations

The Iranian regime and the six world powers have not reached any agreement on Arak heavy water nuclear power plant of and the Fordow underground uranium enrichment site, the senior Iranian regime nuclear negotiator said in Tehran on Thursday.
'In principle, no agreement has been made on any topics pertaining to the nuclear issues of
Iran yet. And the difference over Arak heavy water reactor and Fordow uranium enrichment are still in place,' said Abbas Araqchi.
 Under an interim deal reached between Iran and the P5+1, including Britain, France, the United States, Russia, China and Germany, that went into effect on January 20, the Iranian regime would suspend some sensitive nuclear activities in exchange for limited sanction relief.
The Iranian regime agreed to taking some steps back in its nuclear program as a result of being domestically isolated and internationally rejected and placed under sanctions.
However the political exports believe that the P5+1 appeasement of the Iranian regime regarding the nuclear issue and allowing itself to be dragged into the endless marathon of talks will bear no fruit other than giving this regime the opportunity to engage in further deception.

Geneva protest for protection of Camp Liberty residents continue on after 1187 days

According to Iranian resistance statement Friday, 1 August 2014, Iranians in Geneva continued the 1187th day of their campaign calling for protection of Iranian political refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq, and freedom of seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forces.

Yesterday the Iranian-Canadians who support the Iranian resistance gathered in front of the US embassy here in Ottawa to commemorate the 11 people who were killed during the Iraqi attack on the Iranian Camp Ashraf in 2009 on the orders of Khomeini ruling Iran. During that attack tens of refugees were wounded and 36 were taken hostage by the Iraqi forces. The aim was to deliver the 36 to the Iranian regime. The Camp Ashraf supporters began a hunger strike that lasted 72 days and at the end the 36 hostages who were on hunger strike themselves were freed and returned to Ashraf. The protesters outside US embassy demanded the 7 hostages who were taken from Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi special forces on Sept. 1, 2013 to be free as well. 6 of the 7 hostages are women. The Iranian-Canadians were chanting free the 7 hostages and demanded all political prisoners like Mr. Arzhang Davoodi must be freed.

Amnesty International: Repression escalates amid wave of attacks on journalists in Iran

Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Program Director at Amnesty International said, “The way journalists are being treated puts everything journalism should stand for at risk in Iran. Anyone deemed critical of the authorities has been at increased risk of arrest and prosecution in recent months, creating an intense climate of fear where voicing any criticism has become a direct road to prison.”
She added, “The authorities’ zero tolerance for anything other than state-sanctioned ideas and voices means that merely reporting the news can put people at risk of incarceration.”
The report demands that the Iranian regime release all journalists held immediately and unconditionally “if they have been detained solely for their peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly.” “Amnesty International is calling on the authorities to repeal all legislation which curtails freedom of expression, in particular, provisions in the Islamic Penal Code regarding national security which are overly broad and allow the authorities to prosecute and imprison journalists for their peaceful journalistic activities.”

Iran: Poverty in an oil rich country ruled by the corrupted Mullahs force a 6-year old girl to sell narcotics!

A video is emerging from Iran showing a six-year old girl called Elham selling narcotics to addicts.
The phenomenon of narcotics being sold by children is increasing more and more in
Iran under the mullahs’ rule and unfortunately the effects of this matter has led to increasing addiction amongst children living in neighbouring townships. The Iranian regime is not only refusing to take any measures against this matter, in fact they are exploiting this situation.
Elham is an example of thousands of others selling merchants or drugs on the streets of