Sunday, January 11, 2015


More than a million people gathered in Paris and other french cities to condemn 
terrorism and fundamentalism today

More than a million French people gathered in Paris and other cities to condemn terrorism and Fundamentalism. On Wed. Jan 7 the office of Charlie Habdo was attacked by 2 masked gunmen who shot 12 people to death. The police cought up with the 2 brothers in another part of Paris and in exchange of fire were killed. 50 world leaders participated in "The Paris Unity Rally" among them Mahmud Abbas the Palestinian statesman. Mrs Maryam Rajavi the leader of the Iranian resistance welcomed the "Paris Unity rally" and today the NCRI representative in UK participated in the rally and was interviewed by Aljazireh English.
Associated France Press reported that several newspapers in the Islamic republic  of Iran linked the attack to France's support for Syria's armed opposition and its participation in the international coalition waging air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremist group.
France "is tasting the bitter medicine of its support for terrorism," said the conservative
daily Resalat. The reformist newspaper Ebtekar said that the rise of ISIS, "which appears to be the result of the military actions of Western governments in Islamic countries, have given birth to the bloodiest terrorist operations."
The reformist Shargh newspaper called on the United States and Europe "to review as quickly as possible their policies towards the Middle East and the Islamic world".

Iran justice minister threatens of total filtering of social networks

Mullah Pourmohammadi, Hassn Rouhani’s Justice Minister said 'if ’smart’ filtering of social networks and cell phones fail, we would block them completely.' 

'The issue of social networks filtering is currently under analysis by the justice department and the outcome would be announced as soon as we obtain it' he added. 
Mullah Pourmohammadi threatened that the judiciary would deal with the issue of social networks in a firm manner.  

The Iranian regime judiciary and prison authorities in Dezful have been withholding the body of an
executed prisoner hanged last Monday. This hideous crime that is perpetrated by the criminal mullshs’ judiciary officials has been seen as a way to psychologically torment the family. 

The judiciary officials had asked for 800 million tomans from the family to assess Behrouz Shooshian’s case in advance and are refusing to release the body to the family for a proper burial before this amount which is too much for the family to pay.  

 Three men were hanged in the Central Prison in the western city of Sanandaj on Thursday.
One of the men was a resident of the city of
Karaj who had been sentenced to death on drug related charges. The other two were from Kurdistan province in Iran.
The executions carried out on Thursday in Sananadaj were not reported in news outlets in
From the beginning of the year, the Iranian regime has executed at least 24 prisoners, including four women.
Three prisoners were hanged in public in northwestern
Iran on Sunday.


Iran State Security forces raided a number of boutique and women’s wear shops in 'Darvazeh Dowlat' district of the capital on Thursday. They were checking on the shops’ inventories under the pretext of carrying women’s dress in contrast to the so called 'moral dress code.' They closed down a number of shops that were carrying such items and asked them to appear in court to get permission for reopening their shops.
The shop owners who realized going to court and wining back the case means at least a few weeks without work, protested and clashed with the suppressive security forces.