Monday, February 23, 2015


An Iranian/Armenian musician, singer and songwriter Andranik Asatourian died of Cancer Sunday Feb. 22, 2015 in LosAngeles, California. He was born in 1940s and left Iran after the 1979 revolution. But Andranik known as Ando was not only an artist.  Ando gave meaning to his struggle against the Iranian regime when he joined the National Council of Resistance of Iran 20 years a go. He loved the Iranian residents of Camp Liberty unconditionally and produced many songs along side the Liberty artists.  Ando made music for half a century. He was 73. He will definitely remain in the hearts of those he loved the most.


As talks continue in Geneva between the P+1 Powers and the Iranian regime over its nuclear program the gaps remain significant as the key deadline approaches.
Associated France Press reported on Sunday that US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday warned that major differences remained between the two sides. 'There are still significant gaps, there is still a distance to travel,' Kerry told a press conference at the US embassy in London.
There is a heightened sense of urgency to move forward as the clock ticks down towards a March 31 deadline to agree on a political framework for the deal.
'President (Barack) Obama has no inclination whatsoever to extend these talks beyond the period that has been set out,' Kerry said.
US and Iranian diplomats have been meeting in Geneva since Friday, and senior negotiators from the so-called P5+1 group of Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany were also expected to meet on Sunday to help drive the talks forward.
Kerry stressed Saturday that there was 'absolutely no divergence whatsoever in what we believe is necessary for Iran to prove that its nuclear program is going to be peaceful.' Kerry said that his country is ready to leave the talks if the Iranian regime fails to assure that its nuclear program is peaceful.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , President-elect of the Iranian resistance,
called for urgent action on Wednesday to save the life of political prisoner, Saman Nasim, who was 17 at the time of his arrest, and five other political
prisoners, who are all on death row.  On Wednesday February 18, these prisoners were transferred from the central prison of Urmia for their sentence to be carried out.
2 of the political prisoners have been been executed since but the fate of Saman Naseem is not known. The Iranian regime refuses to let his family know whether he's been executed or not.

The Iranian regime's Intelligence agents barged in the house of Parisa Yadgar a Baha’i’s resident in Tehran, searching the house for about 5 hours and interrogating residents and guests in the house. They eventually arrested 2 Baha’i’s from that house identified as 'Mona Mehrabi' and 'Elham Karam-bakhsh' taking them to an unknown location, according to local residents and neighbors.

In the latest wave of executions and repression in Iran, at least 30 prisoners have been hanged in prisons across the country. The victims included a 60-year-old man that had already spent 20 years in prison.
The executions were carried out in prisons in several cities across Iran. Some executions were carried out in groups. 14 in cities of Bam, Uromiyeh and Bandar Abbas, another 4 hanged in Shiraz Adel Abbad prison on Sunday.On Saturday, two Baloch prisoners were hanged in Chahbahar Prison and another in northern city of Rasht.
Meanwhile, simultaneously with the new wave of executions aimed at rising fear in society, on Tuesday, a group of three men were paraded and humiliated in public in the city of Mashhad without being charged or sentenced.

The reported: according to a news release by activists, 9 prisoners were transferred to the solitary in Bandar-abbas, southern Iran, on Saturday Feb 21, a day before being executed. They ranged from 28 to 61 years old. There is no word as to the fate of these 9 prisoners.
Activists have condemned the continued and almost daily executions in Iran and called on international community to put pressure on the mullahs’ Supreme leader to end this heinous punishment.

Moslems made a circle of Peace around a synagogue in Norway
The move was supposed to symbolize protection for Oslo’s Jewish community and condemnation of violent action against religious minorities after an attack on a synagogue in Denmark last week. Norway’s Jewish community is one of Europe’s smallest. Organizers say they were expecting about 40 people, but nearly 1,000 showed up.