Sunday, April 05, 2015


On Thursday April 2nd, the Nuclear negotiations in Laussane Switzerland ended in a statement read by Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Javad Zarif Iranian regime's Foreign Minister both in English and Farsi.
The preliminary agreement announced in Switzerland on Thursday is spelled out in a four-page document released by the White House and the State Department which shows the agreement between the P5+1 and the Iranian regime. Based on this agreement the Iranian regime"
    - Won't build any new centrifuges for 15 years
   -  Won't enrich uranium at the previously secret Fordow site for 15 years
    - Will reduce nuclear-material centrifuges from 19,000 to 6,104
    - Will let the IAEA store all the extra centrifuges
    - Will give IAEA inspectors access to its uranium mills for 25 years
    - Will rebuild heavy-water reactor at Arak so it can't produce weapons-grade plutonium
    - Won't build new heavy-water reactors for 15 years
In return, the West will:
    - Give Iranian regime relief from nuclear-related economic sanctions 'if it veritably abides by its commitments'
   - Will lift 'all past UN Security Council resolutions on the Iran nuclear issue' as soon as Iran has completed all its promised 'nuclear-related actions'.
The U.S. will keep in place its sanctions on Iran related to 'terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missiles'.
The members of Iranian Majlis or Parliament from the opposite side were not happy with what the regime got in Laussane. They say this deal crosses all  red line set out by Ali Khamenei the regime's supreme leader.
On the other hand Mrs Maryam Rajavi the president elect of the Iranian resistance April 5th reacted to the deal as well saying: A statement of generalities, without Khamenei’s signature and official approval, does not block the path to a nuclear bomb.
Continuing talks with religious fascism ruling Iran in the framework of appeasing will not secure the region and world from the threat of nuclear proliferation.
Complying with UN Security Council resolutions is simply the only way to block the mullahs from obtaining nuclear weapons.
She added: “Decisive Storm” and the regional coalition against the expansion and aggression of the Iranian regime in Yemen, the crippling impact of the sanctions and Iranian society’s explosive state as well as successive warnings by the United States Congress that it will confront this regime and will ratchet up the sanctions finally compelled the clerical regime to reluctantly take one more step back after 16 months of talks, which had gone into overtime in Lausanne. A step toward drinking the chalice of nuclear poison, this retreat was prompted by fear and pressure and blatantly contradicts the foundations and guidelines the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had announced personally two weeks ago. It is common knowledge that the religious fascism ruling Iran has heavily invested in obtaining nuclear weapons to guarantee its survival. The search for an alternative to fundamentalism and the central banker of terrorism within this regime will get nowhere. The alternative is a democratic and non-nuclear Iran.

A prisoner was hanged, Saturday, April 4th in Zabol prison east of Iran. The prisoner who was identified as Amir Qaemi was transferred to the solitary prior to execution on the Wednesday pass.
In addition, 4 other prisoners in Zahedan prison, also east of Iran have been transferred to solitary which is the last step before their death sentenced is carried out.
On Thursday, April 2nd, two prisoners in Bandar-Abbas prison, southern Iran, were moved to the quarantine to be executed.

Spectators at a football match in Qadir sport stadium in Ahwaz where the Foolad team of this city

met Tehran’s Estghlal on Friday and ended in Ahwaz team wining shouted anti-government slogans. Security police and repressive agents of the state guard who were frightened the event would turn in to an anti-regime rally, raided the crowed arresting a number of spectators.