Monday, May 18, 2015


On May 15 the Honorable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the seventh anniversary of imprisonment of Baha'i' leaders in Iran, issued a statement reading: “This week marked the seventh anniversary of the illegitimate arrest and imprisonment of seven Bahá’í leaders—the Yaran—in Iran. This serves as a disturbing reminder of the Iranian regime’s blatant disregard for religious freedom.
“Iran’s Bahá’í community continues to face egregious and persistent state-led discrimination. Canada continues to call for the release of the "Yaran" and for an end to state-sponsored persecution of religious communities, including Sunni Muslims, Christians, Dervishes and dissident Shi’a Muslims, oppressed by the theocratic Iranian regime.
Honorable Nicholson adds: “Sadly, the Iranian regime is responsible for a long list of human rights violations. The regime continues to systematically target and punish Iran’s human rights defenders, including Narges Mohammadi, a human rights activist detained on trumped-up charges because of her peaceful activism, which included holding demonstrations and voicing opposition to government policies. Canada calls for her immediate release.
“Canada is alarmed by the more than 340 executions that have taken place so far this year, with a spike between April 6 and 29 when the Iranian regime executed an average of six people each day. “Canada urges Iran to uphold its international and domestic obligations to protect and ensure the fundamental human rights of its people.”

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
issued an statement on May 14 and called for immediate action to secure the release of arrestees in the Mahabad uprising.
According to NCRI The clerical regime has dispatched a group of the intelligence ministry head henchmen to Sanandaj and Mahabad to torture and interrogate those arrested in the Mahabad uprising or in the ensuing protests of last week. These interrogators are being transferred to the prisons in various cities of this region in coordination with the central intelligence department of Kurdistan and Western Azerbaijan province.
Hundreds were arrested during the May 7 uprising of people of Mahabad and the protests in other cities of Kurdistan province. In addition to prisons in Mahabad and Sanandaj, the arrestees were transferred to Orumiyeh, Miando’ab and Naqadeh prisons. Farinaz Khosravani jumped from 4th floor of Tara Hotel to avoid rape by an Iranian regime's intelligent agent.
The Iranian Resistance urged international agencies, especially the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur for the situation of human rights in Iran, and the mandate holders on arbitrary arrests and torture to condemn the atrocities of the mullahs’ regime in Iranian Kurdistan and to take swift and effective action to stop the torture and to secure the release of all the arrestees of the Mahabad uprising and that of the other cities of Kurdistan.
Yesterday Sat. May 16 a group of Iranian-Canadians during their
weekly protest in front of US embassy condemned the tortures of Kurdish prisoners and demanded their immediate release and the release of all political prisoners. They also called upon UN and US to arm the Iranian residents of Camp Liberty to protect themselves against rising insurgents in Iraq and specially after the fall of Ramadi in the hands of ISIS on Friday.

The Iranian regime’s judiciary has barred the lawyer of the political prisoner Ali Moezzi from defending him. Ali Moezzi’s lawyer is barred form accessing his client’s file. The prison term of Mr. Moezzi will end next month, but the Iranian regime has brought new fabricated charges against him.
Ali Moezzi is a political prisoner of the 1980s and was re arrested for participating in the burial ceremony of another political prisoner, Mohsen Dokmechi, who died in prison due to refusal of medical treatment by the prison authorities. Ali Moezzi's sentence will end by June 7, but the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry has brought up new allegations against him and summoned him to court but Mr. Moezzi who considers regime’s courts as illegal and illegitimate has refused to appear before the court.

The Ottawa Committee on Freedom of Political Prisoners in Iran has announced that it will hold a demonstration at Parliament Hill on June 19th and 20th. This committee has invited everyone to join against the Iranian regime on the International Day of Political Prisoners in Iran.