Monday, July 13, 2015


July 11, 2015 marked the 12th death anniversary of Zahra-Ziba Kazemi, an Iranian-Canadian photo journalist who was working on a project when traveled to Iran. She was taking pictures of the families of the detainees in front of notorious Evin prison. Although she had permit for her work, Kazemi was arrested and jailed. In 2004 Dr. Shahram Azam seeked refuge in Canada and publicly testified that he had examined Zahra Kazemi's body and he found signs of torture and rape. 12 years has passed and yet there's no Clouseau for Kazmei's only son Stephan Hashemi who fought to bring her mother's body back to Canada. He also fought hard to sue the Iranian regime unsuccessfully. After 12 years now the leader of the Liberal Party Mr. Justin Trudeau promises to normalize ties with Iranian regime and stop bombing ISIS if elected Prime Minister. The Iranian regime's apologists are too busy appearing on Canadian medias selling the idea that if Canada and the world for that matter, bury the hatchet with Iranian regime, the political groups in Iran who are now busy with economic hardship will be able to organize Iranian people. As if the Iranian people are waiting to be organized. Based on news coming out of Iran, every day the Iranians are demonstrating and risking their lives by protesting against economic, politic, environmental difficulties or plain harassment by this regime.
Let's not forget that the Iranian regime had a wonderful relations with Canada and with the world for that matter in the 1980's and yet 30,000 political prisoners were killed in the periods of just a few weeks in the summer of 1988. Canada recognizes this massacre as Crime Against Humanity. When they killed Zahra Kazemi, Iran and Canada were good friends and ironically the Iranian resistance (National Council of Resistance of Iran) was on Canada's terror list. We can't forget the chain of murders of writers and intellectuals during Khatami's presidency, another so called reformist.  Who can forget the suppression of the 1999 Student Uprising under direct orders of Khatami?
I'm not alone to think the Iranian regime is incapable of a meaningful relationship with the modern world for it does not belong to this era. I think The embassy of the Iranian regime must remain closed for Canada's security and safety. Iranian regime can not be trusted. It may be easy to open Pandora's box but it's very hard to close it.

According to The Hill – July 11, Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday said progress remains slow on reaching a final agreement with Iran over its nuclear arms research. “[We] still have difficult issues to resolve,” Kerry tweeted from ongoing talks in Vienna. His admission is the latest setback in diplomatic wrangling over a permanent Iran accord that was originally due June 30.

Free Beacon July 10, wrote that the National American Iranian Council (NIAC), which has long been suspected of acting as Tehran’s lobbying shop in Washington, sent lawmakers an email on Friday asserting that “the Iranian arms embargo will need to be disposed of as part of a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.”
The email comes roughly a week after Iranian diplomats issued a similar demand during ongoing talks in Vienna between world powers and Iran. NIAC email on ballistic missiles is in step with Iran’s potentially deal-breaking demands.
Critics remain concerned that such a move could legally allow Iran to funnel arms to terror groups such as Hezbollah and militias in Yemen.
One former congressional staffer involved in the crafting of sanctions legislation over the years dismissed NIAC’s claims as unfounded and flatly misleading.
“NIAC is the same group that lobbies Congress to defund human rights and democracy promotion programs in Iran for fear of undermining the mullahs,” said one former senior Senate aide with intimate knowledge of Iran sanctions.
“What the Iran lobby doesn’t want you to know is that UN Security Council sanctions are directly tied to the dismantlement of Iran’s ballistic missile program—a key element being excused from the P5+1 agreement.”
One senior congressional aide familiar with efforts to sanction Iran said NIAC is widely viewed as Tehran’s in-house lobbying shop.
“NIAC has absolutely no credibility on Capitol Hill, where that organization is viewed as a de facto lobbyist for the Iranian regime,” said the senior congressional staffer.
“To cite the latest example, for many months NIAC has opposed the inclusion of ballistic missile limitations or anything else non-nuclear in the negotiations with Iran, yet today NIAC sent an email to congressional staff that actually backs up the Iranian regime’s ridiculous, last-second demand that the United Nations drop its non-nuclear arms embargo on Iran,” the source said.

Freebeacon added: NIAC has long been viewed as a pro-Tehran lobbying outfit that tows the regime’s line in the halls of Congress.
In 2012, NIAC was ordered to pay reparations to Mr. Hassan Dai an Iranian dissident who sued the organization for allegedly concealing its ties to the Iranian regime. NIAC was ordered to pay thousands to the defendant and was upbraided by a federal judge for hindering the discovery process in the case.
In recent years, NIAC has spearheaded lobbying efforts on the Hill to threaten lawmakers into supporting a deal with Iran that fully removes economic sanctions and permits the Islamic Republic to retain key aspects of its nuclear infrastructure.

Two young Balouchi workers, Molabakhsh Abbas Zehi, 25, and Naim Abbas Zehi, 23, were killed under torture on July 2 just three hours after their arrest by the Iranian regime’s Intelligence in Chabahar a city in Sistan va Balouchestan province. They had gone to work in Shiraz to earn a living. On their way back to Chabahar they were arrested by regime’s intelligence agents while fasting. Two other brothers of Naim Abbas Zehi by the names of Shahjan and Cheragh are political prisoners in Zahedan prison.
On July 10 the Iranian Resistance called on the Secretary-General, the Human Rights Council, the human rights Rapporteurs, and other pertinent UN bodies, as well as human rights defenders and institutions the world throughout, to unequivocally condemn these atrocities and to dispatch fact-finding missions to investigate the murder of these two Balouchi Sunnis and similar crimes that have been constantly on the rise with the expansion of repression.

Inflicting crackdown and pressures on people in their daily lives is a subject that state officials are currently acknowledging. According to State-run Mehr news agency July 5th, Alireza Mazaheri, commander of the State Security Forces in North Khorasan Province said, “During the past 4 months 8,257 individuals in this province have received verbal and 463 received written warnings.

Hamid Jalilvand, a labor activist and member of a religious group, was arrested in late June after being summoned by security forces. It has been days that his family has no information about his conditions. The Jalilvand family says he was summoned and threatened three months ago for “distributing booklets about Christianity”.