Sunday, August 02, 2015


It is official. Canadians will go to the poles on Oct. 19, 2015. Mr. Stephen Harper announced it this morning after his meeting with David Johnston the Governor General. The Parliament now is dissolved. Election 2015 although the longest election in the Canada's history will give voters the opportunity to listen to the Candidates carefully and make the right choice. Leaders from 4 parties Conservatives, New Democrats, Liberalsو the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois party will campaign for Prime Minister position, starting today. Mr. Harper announced that Party leaders should pay for their campaign themselves and not the tax payers.

The Iranian regime's deputy Social Security Organization said that 50,000 female employees were fired from their jobs in the last 18 months. They were fired while on Maternity leave. He added that if the maternity leave increases to 9 months, more women will lose their jobs because according to him, more people are willing to replace these mothers for less.

According to Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran July 27, physicians and medical college students in a Tehran hospital, most of them young women, staged a rally protesting the murder of Dr. Pirzadeh in Ardebil.
They described his murder cruel and held the Revolutionary Guards responsible and called for an immediate investigations and identifications of the perpetrators. Asghar Pirzadeh, a renowned medical specialist in blood and cancer, was killed in a house on Thursday, July 23. He had long issued warnings about the IRGC extracting uranium and contaminating water in the Sabalan area, describing it as radioactive.
On the same day the Women's Committee of the NCRI said that Reports from Iran’s Fars Province indicate that on July 26 security agents attacked a female doctor and severely beat her. Mrs. Razmjouie, was visiting a patient when security agents pressured her to finish her checkup faster. The surgeon refused to give in to their demands. In response the agents arrested her and transferred her to the public prosecutor’s office with her hands cuffed where she was severely beaten. People at the scene staged a protest outside the governor’s office.
It has also been reported that physicians and hospital staff went on strike protesting her arrest and beating.


The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog has agreed to an invitation from the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Some U.S. politicians have asked for more information to be made public relating to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) role in monitoring and verifying Iranian regime's nuclear program.

The Iranian Resistance called on all human rights defenders and pertinent UN bodies to protest the retrial of political prisoner Mr. Mohammad-Ali Taheri and his subsequent condemnation to death.
The announcement of this sentence on July 29 and the execution of 22 prisoners, including two women and three public hangings, merely from July 27 till July 30 are happening concurrent with visits by senior European officials to Iran. Political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Taheri who has been in prison for four years, has been condemned to death on the charge of “corruption on earth by misleading people” while he had been previously condemned to five years in prison and a fine of 900 million tomans plus 74 lashes for ludicrous charges such as “insulting the sanctities; illicit usage of scientific titles (doctor and engineer); writing misleading books and articles”, Mizan News Agency, affiliated with regime’s judiciary reported on July 29.
As Mr. Taheri’s prison term is coming to an end, Iranian regime have retried and condemned him to death.

Hassan Rouhani ’s deputy Health Minister Ali Akbar Sayari admitted to the increasing number of deaths each year in Iran.
“Deaths from heart and artillery illnesses, strokes, cancer and diabetes have increased in our country. From March 20 13 to March 2014 records show 380,000 deaths were registered; 93,000 due to heart attacks; 43,000 due to brain strokes and 32,000 due to cancer,” he said.
While referring to the fact that the mullahs’ regime is the main element behind poverty in Iran, Sayari added, “Currently there are 19 million people in the country eating unsanitary food and 10 million are suffering from high blood pressure. 7.5 million are suffering from diabetes, and 50% of these people aren’t even aware of their illnesses.”
“23% of the population is suffering from psychological disorders and one third of all marriages end in divorces,” Sayari concluded.

Repressive forces of the Iranian regime destroyed the only Sunni mosque in Tehran last Wednesday, Bahrain TV reported on Saturday, August 1st. This provocative and sectarian measure raised outrage amongst Muslims in social media.
“Such steps are taking place at a time when the world is taking stances against fundamentalist beliefs, discord and violence,” said Molavi Abdulhamid Ismaeel protesting this horrific act. Muslims rushed to social media strongly condemning the Iranian regime for this despicable crime.
“According to local sources Iranian regime security forces attacked and destroyed a Sunni mosque in Tehran last Wednesday,” Bahrain TV added.

Workers, nurses and store owners across Iran continued protesting for their demands on Thursday.
In the city of Yasuj service workers of a beach park protested not receiving their paychecks for the second consecutive month.
In the city of Ghaen a group of nurses and medical staff of the so-called Shohada Hospital protested the regime’s plundering policies.
In Tehran store owners near the al-Ghadir complex near Shush Square rallied and protested extortion under the pretext of store taxes.

On Monday July 27, 11 prisoners were executed in Gezelhesar and Karaj prisons. The victims were between 25 and 35 years of age. One of the victims was a 43 year old mother named, Paridokht Molaei far.
32 people have been hanged in Iran last week alone. Yesterday 3 men age 58, 38 and 31 were hanged in Rasht central prison. The victims Seeked clemency which was rejected by the regime's judiciary.

More than 500 prisoners in Tehran's new Prison, Thursday evening protested their conditions and lack of basic services and began a hunger strike. The prisoners’ hunger strike continued throughout Friday. Among the problems that the prisoners are complaining about are lack of sanitary or functioning toilets, water and heating outages, lack of medical care to ill prisoners and constant harassment by prison wardens. Of the 542 prisoners currently housed there, only 240 have a bed and the others are forced to sleep next to the toilets and in the hallways.
The regime says it plans to transfer 15,000 prisoners, including some from Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison and Karaj’s Ghezel Hesar Prison, to the new jail once construction is completed.