Sunday, September 06, 2015


According to Education Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran September 2, the Iranian regime’s intelligence agents arrested 3 teachers in Tehran and Sanandaj on Monday, August 31. Mehdi Bohlouli and Mohammadreza Nicknejad were arrested during raids on their homes in Tehran with the intelligence agents seizing their personal belongings, including their computers.  Ali Hossein Panahei was arrested in the city of Sanandaj. 3 days prior he had invited people in a speech to resist discrimination and repression by the Iranian regime.
Moreover, Mr. Rasoul Bodaqi, another imprisoned teacher, still remains in detention despite the fact that his 6-year sentence, ended on August 6.
The officials are fabricating new charges of “acting against national security” against him to obstruct his release. Rouhani’s Ministry of Education has expelled Mr. Bodaqi from his job after 20 years of teaching simply because of his stance on the rights of the educators; this directive was conveyed to him while in prison. Ali Akbar Baghbani and Alireza Hashemi are 2 other imprisoned teachers.
ECNCRI added: in circumstances where the totally corrupt Iranian regime is unable to meet the rightful demands of the teachers, in its fright of the reopening of schools and the call by educators for gatherings on the International Teachers Day on October 5, the regime has resorted to these kind of detentions and further repression of teachers.
The Education Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) urges international education agencies and teachers’ unions in various countries to support the demands of Iranian teachers and to protest the repression of Iranian educators and the violation of their basic rights by the theocratic dictatorship.

The Iranian regime is spreading and expanding its prisons
Ja’far Alizadeh, deputy minister of Road & Construction in Iran said a new prison in Tehran has opened with a capacity of 2500 inmates. This new facility is located on Hassan Abad Road. "To this day a number of inmates from Karaj have been transferred to this jail,” the official said.

Hossein Abbasi, public prosecutor of Parsian in Hormozgan Province, southern Iran said a lashing ruling has been carried out in public recently.
“There will be firm action against those disrupting public order and social security, and if deemed necessary the ruling will be carried out in public,” he threatened on Wednesday, September 2nd.

An Iranian young couple in the city of Kermanshah poured kerosene on themselves and set ablaze on Sat. Aug. 29, due to poverty and being unemployed.
Shahla Taheri, around 30 years of age from Kermanshah, died the next day in hospital and her husband Nariman Bliyan 41, is said to be in critical condition.
The most heartbreaking of this tragedy is that this couple have 3 young girls ages 7 to 16.

Multiple warnings from doctors and representatives of Liberty about the obstructions of Iraqi forces in treatment of Abdul Ali Ghanbari and the need for his faster transfer to Europe went unheeded
Mrs. Rajavi calls to end prison making and the inhumane medical siege of Liberty residents
On Wednesday morning, September 2, 2015, another member of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran(PMOI) died of Cancer in Albania.
Mr. Abdul Ali Ghanbari with 4 decades of struggle against the Shah’s and the Mullah's regime, died in hospital in Albania. He is the 27th person who dies of medical siege imposed on Iranian residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq. The medical siege on Camp Liberty continues and the residents are prevented to go to hospital in Baghdad for treatment and even surgery.

Female drivers in Tehran may see their vehicles impounded by police if they are caught driving with a poorly fixed veil or without their heads covered, Agence France Press reported citing a police chief on Wednesday, September 2nd.
'If a (female) driver in a car is poorly veiled or has taken her veil off, the vehicle will be seized in accordance with the law,' the head of Tehran’s traffic police, General Teymour Hosseini, was quoted as saying by the official ISNA news agency. He added that any woman who had her car seized would need to obtain a court order before getting it back. 'Unfortunately, some streets of the capital have come to resemble fashion salons,' Iranian regime's judiciary chief mullah Sadegh Larijani said this week, questioning the 'tolerance' that has led to 'such a situation'.
Since Mullahs took over Iran in 1979, wearing a head scarf in public has been mandatory for all women.

The hunger strike launched by Mohammad Ali Taheri in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison entered its 22nd day on Thursday, September 3rd. Taheri, the founder of two particular branches of Iranian alternative medicines is protesting his execution verdict and launched this hunger strike on Thursday, August 13th.

At 9:13 am local time in Iran on Friday, September 4th a 5.7 Richter earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers below the Earth’s surface shook the Iran-Azerbaijan border.
This earthquake was felt in many cities in Iran’s Ardebil and East Azerbaijan provinces, and residents fled their homes and rushed to the streets in fear.
The first reports indicate glasses breaking and some homes in various towns suffering cracks.