Sunday, November 15, 2015


On Friday night Nov. 13, 6 simultaneous terrorist attacks shook
Paris and the world. 129 people are dead and more than 350 are wounded with 99 of them in critical condition in a coordinated series of bomb blasts and shootings which  ISIS has claimed responsibility and has warned that these attacks are 'the first of the Storm.' French President said this is 'War.' ISIS says there have been 8 attackers armed with automatic rifles and wrapped in explosives. The French now say that there were 7 attackers in 3 teams. Police in Belgium has arrested 7 men in connections to the Friday night Paris terrorist attacks. Police says all of the attackers at Friday night attacks have been killed. One was a French national already known to the police. The wave of condemnations pouring in from all over the world by the heads of States, in US, Canada, Germany, the UN, Arab countries, Muslim personalities etc.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, on Nov. 13th strongly condemned the massacre in Paris, describing it as savage terrorism and crime against humanity. She expressed her condolences to the President, government and people of France and offered her most sincere sympathies to the families of the victims.
She added the Iranian people, who for the past 37 years have been under the yoke of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship and the rule of terror by the ’Godfather of Daesh’ (ISIS, ISIL, IS), have experienced such crimes and fully comprehend the French people and their feelings in these hard moments and share their agony. She called on all Muslims to condemn this terrorist attack in a strongest terms.
Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also condemned Friday Terrorist attacks but called it violent attack. He said he's ready to assist Canada's French cousins in any way but In light of French president's action to fight ISIS more, Mr. Trudeau is going to have a tough time implementing one of his election promises, stop bombing ISIS positions. His other election promise was to re-open Iranian regime's embassy here in Ottawa.
On the other hand, interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose
called on the Liberal government to "immediately" reverse its decision to pull fighter jets from the U.S.-led bombing mission against ISIS in Iraq. She said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have the full support of the Official Opposition if he chooses to reverse his position on Canada's role in the airstrikes.
The Iranian regime though unlike the rest of the world, has pointed
the finger at the French government and blamed France for the Friday night terrorist attacks. Esmail Kosari the head of defense committee of the regime's Parliament said: France sowed wind and reaped storm. He added: These incidents are waiting for America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well. He told French government if they can't provide security to its own people France should give the Security of French people to Iranian advisers. He's referring to the Iranian regime's armed forces who have killing Syrian and Iraqi people but these days their bodies are returning to Iran in boxes.
Masoud Jazayeri Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces also said: Westerners in continuation of supporting infidel terrorism must await state of emergency in other parts of Europe. Alaeding Borujerdy the head of the regime's majlis Commission on Security claimed that the Paris incident is the result of fighting Bashar Assad's opposition! He added US and Europe must reconsider otherwise in the future we'll have to wait for disasters and other slimier events in this region.
Hassan Rouhani the Iranian regime's president was supposed to travel to France and Italy on Monday Nov. 16 but in light of the Friday night terrorist attacks in Paris his trip that otherwise was faced with wide spread protests was cancelled. More than 100 French lawmakers wrote to President Holland and insisted that a condition put in place. Continue relations with the Iranian regime providing it stops executions and releases political prisoners.
Freedom loving Iranian-Canadians gathered in front of US embassy

here in Ottawa yesterday Sat. and condemned the Paris terrorist attacks. They said that victims of terrorism are the victims of appeasement policy. They also supported the Azeri's wide spread protests in Iran against the mocking of the Azeri's on State Television.

On Monday, November 9, and 10 the cities of Tabriz, Urmia, Zanjan, Ardebil, Khoy, Maragheh, Marand, Naghadeh, Meshkinshahr, Ahar, Moghan and other cities in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Ardebil provinces and other cities such as Tehran, Shiraz and Qom were scene of large demonstrations protesting the Iranian regime’s insult of Azeri's on state television. Demonstrations and clashes continued through part of the night in cities such as Tabriz.
People in Tabriz and a number of other cities confronted security forces who were attempting to obstruct the demonstrations. People set on fire a number of state vehicles and a number of people were injured or arrested.
In some of the cities, the security forces used batons, tear gas, shockers and plastic bullets to attack the people who threw stones and set tires and garbage bins on fire to defend themselves. This is not the first time that the State TV misusing comedy to insult ethnics of Iran. Last year Iran's Bakhtiaris were also the target of such inhumane treatments.

Iranian regime continue to hang people in public in order to spread fear in society a method which is failing miserably.
On Monday a 30-year-old prisoner, identified by his initials E.S., was hanged in a public square in the city of Khoy, north-west Iran.
Also on Tuesday three prisoners in the town of Baft, southern Iran were hanged who were identified by their initials as H.M., A.E. and N.H.
Some 2000 people have been executed within the past 2 years since Hassan Rouhani, Iranian regime's president took office.
Amnesty International said on September 7 that “the Iranian authorities must end their unprecedented killing spree – more than 700 people have been executed so far this year.'

Farhad Paederithani, head of the Hygiene Administration in the city of Gorgan in northern Iran admitted to the rising number of suicides in this city.
“From March to September of this year 25 people have committed suicide, of which 16 were women and 9 were men,” he said.
Suicide in Iran under the current regime has increased to 11 cases each day due to massive plundering and growing poverty. This means over 4,000 cases of suicides each year. Even regime's officials say these numbers are less than the actual status qua. (State-run Tabnak website – April 12th, 2014)
Last year, Salehi Nassab, a member of the regime’s parliament said over 100 people had committed suicide in the town of Dasht-e Azadegan in 2014 alone.
 (State-run ILNA news agency – January 19, 2015)

The Iranian resistance Called on Australia to end its exiling, detaining and inhumane treatment of refugees. An Iranian refugee in Christmas Island in Australia has died. For many years, Mr. Fazel Chegeni, along with a large number of other Iranian refugees, was sent to exile to Christmas Island and was imprisoned in a detention center. The statement by the Iranian resistance dated Nov. 9th reads: Whether he has taken his life due to the medieval conditions in this detention center or murdered during his escape from intolerable conditions, changes nothing in the responsibility of the Australian government in his death.
The Iranian Resistance warns about the fate of other refugees in this detention center that in addition to previous difficulties are also threatened by criminal gangs. It calls for the immediate transfer of these refugees to Australia and for provision of their security, well being and complete freedom in adherence to international refugee law.
Previously, following a visit by Australian foreign minister to Iran and reciprocal visits to Australia by Iranian foreign ministry officials, Iranian regime media had reported on “reaching an accord” for the refoulement of “immigrants lacking refugee status” (state news agencies – June 19).