Sunday, August 28, 2016


On Sat. Aug. 27, the Iranian-Canadians gathered in front of the
Parliament Hill and across from Prime Minister's office to commemorated the 30,000 political prisoners who were executed in the summer of 1988 in Iran. They said in light of the new evidence in the audio file of Hossian Ali Montazeri -Khomeini's Successor- all perpetrators in the 1988 massacre must be brought to justice. It's worth mentioning that Canada has recognizes 1988 Massacre as crime against humanity and Sept. 1 as a day of solidarity with the Iranian political prisoners.

A woman was hanged in the Central Prison of Yazd (central Iran)
on Thursday morning August 25. Simultaneously the Iranian regime hanged 6 other men in this prison. In the last 27 days some 78 people have been executed in Iran. During Hassan Rouhani's tuner some 2700 prisoners have been executed and according to regime's authorities 4500 await their executions.
At dawn on Saturday, August 27, in a collective mass execution in Karaj Central Prison, northwest of the capital Tehran, the Iranian regime hanged 12 prisoners simultaneously. They were transferred to solitary confinement last Wednesday.
From the 12 executed, 9 have been identified as: Alireza Madadpour, Bahman Rezaie, Arman Bahrami, Alireza Asadi, Mohsen Eslami, Hossein Bayrami, Mehdi Rostami, Amir Sarkhah and Alireza Sarkhah.

The protest gathering of Iranian female literacy teachers and assistant teachers from Mazandaran, Ardebil and other provinces was staged for the 14th consecutive day on August 27, 2016, in front of the Majlis or parliament in Tehran. They held placards which read, "Determine the status of teaching assistants." One of the participants said, "We have worked for years, but do not receive any salaries or have any insurance."

20 young women and men were arrested Friday night, August 26, in a private party in northwest Tehran. Mehdi Abbasi, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, declared in this regard that "The IRGC will deal decisively with any abnormal movement in society."
In another news some 40 young women and men were arrested in a private party in Gorgan on Wednesday, August 24. 20 other boys and girls were arrested in Shiraz in a night party.

Sahar Beheshti, who had been arrested Friday afternoon along with her husband Mostafa Islami, was released Saturday afternoon, on bail.
Robat Karim's local prosecutor told the state-run Fars news agency that all participants in the birthday ceremony for Sattar Beheshti(Sahar's brother) are "opponents of the state."
Sattar Beheshti's birthday ceremony was held on Friday, August 26, as security forces controlled all of the guests entering and leaving Sattar's home. Ultimately, Sahar Beheshti and her husband were beaten up and arrested.
Sattar Beheshti blogger was arrested early Nov. 2012 and a few days later was killed under torutre by Fatta Police.

Women's football coach Sahar Eliyassi remains incarcerated although another political prisoner accepted the responsibility of all the charges leveled against her. Sahar Eliyassi was arrested in March 2015 for participating in a teachers protest. She was sentenced to six years in jail.
Political prisoner Sina Dehghan, jailed in Arak Prison, is charged in the same case and sentenced to death for starting a teachers' protest campaign and for being active in social networks.
Recently, during his interrogations, Sina Dehghan accepted that he is responsible for all the charges attributed to Sahar Eliyassi and others. The prison authorities have refused to release Ms. Eliyassi.

According to Christian Daily; Aug. 26, the mother of an Iranian Christian jailed has pleaded for his son to be released from Gohardasht prison.
Ebrahim Firouzi's elderly mother has tearfully called on Iranian judicial authorities to set her son free. The woman said she cannot go from one court to another to follow up her son's case as her sight is already impaired and there is no one else who will assist her, Mohabat News detailed.
Firouzi was thrown in Gohardasht prison and is serving a five-year sentence for his involvement in Christian ministries. He was arrested on Aug. 25, 2013 and was given one year in jail and two years exile in Sarbaz County as his sentence, the National Council of Resistance Iran (NCRI) reported last year.
The Iranian Christian's prison term came to an end on Jan. 13, 2015 but he still has not been released.