Sunday, December 24, 2017


According to the Iranian resistance statement dated Dec. 21, coinciding with the 64th United Nations resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran, the Iranian regime hanged at least ten prisoners on December 19th and 20th. Seven of these individuals were mass executed in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran. At least five of the victims were youths and two of them were 21 years of age. In the meantime, the regime's supreme court upheld a death sentence issued for a high-school student. He was only 15 at the time of his alleged crime and has been behind bars for three years now.

State-run Rokna news reported on Dec. 19 that a young woman is sentenced to death by the Iranian regime. She is identified as Kimia and is charged with adultery. The woman’s husband had placed surveillance cameras in the house without her knowledge and subsequently complained about the presence of unknown men in the house. The sharia judge issued death sentence against the woman.

According to state-run Mehr news Dec. 22, 230 women and men were arrested in Iran in two private parties held on the traditional feast of Yalda Night which marks the longest night of the year, in Lavasan and Farmanieh districts of northern Tehran.
Zolfaghar Barfar, Chief of Tehran’s Moral Security Police, made the announcement and explained, “The arrests were made in two separate operations. 140 people were arrested in a garden in Lavasan, north of Tehran where men and women were dancing together. The garden was also sealed after the arrests. Ninety other people were also arrested in a house in Farmanieh, northeastern Tehran.”
Barfar also confirmed that two singers performing in the two parties were also arrested along with their equipment and instruments.

Thousands of people with a significant number of women, in Ahwaz, southern Iran, gathered on December 22, to protest against the diversion of Karoun River’s water and drying ponds and agriculture lands. A woman led the rally. The protesters, chanting furious slogans, declared that they are no longer going to put up with the regime’s plunder and fraud.
Another protest was staged on the same day by employees of the health clinics of Tabriz, northwestern Iran. They demanded their wages overdue for three months. Unemployed women and men in the southern Iranian port city of Khorramshahr also held a protest during the city’s Friday prayer.
On Thursday, December 21, some 400 health specialists and supervisors gathered in front of the Health Center 2 in Isfahan, central Iran, to protest against new tests conducted by the center with the intention of laying off their employees.
On the same day in Rasht, capital of Gilan Province in northern Iran, clients who had bought residential units at Adineh Complex, gathered in front of the half-built complex building to protest the delay in handing them the units they had bought.
In Azadshar, in Golestan Province, northern Iran, people plundered by Parham Car Sale Co. gathered in front of the Melli Bank to protest against being robbed by this company. The company has extorted more than 250 billion toumans (approx. $70 million) from 1500 investors.
A large group of women and residents of Ramsar held a gathering outside the Governor’s Office on December 21, against the construction of a sewage treatment plant near their neighborhood. The protesters demanded a serious response instead of hollow promises.
In the southern Iranian city of Kerman, men and women plundered by Caspian credit institute braved the cold weather and gathered on December 21, outside the institute’s building for the third consecutive day. The protesters stressed that they do not fear the Iranian intelligence services and vowed to continue their protests until they get their money back.

On Friday December 22, The Netherlands news network ‘POW ned’ posted a report concerning the reaction of the parliamentarians who received a Christmas gift from Alireza Jahangiri the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Netherlands. This video shows the MP Henk Krol, thorwing a bag of pistachio sent by the Iranian regime's ambassador in a garbage can. The Iranian regime's ambassador had only sent the gifts to the male parliamentarians!

According to state-run ILNA news Dec. 18, a number of women and men were arrested for participating in a mixed-gender hairdressing course in northwest Tehran,-Capital of Iran and practicing on wigs and human models. The Moral Security Police Chief, Zolfaghar Barfar said that they had identified the place after receiving reports that a mixed-gender hairdressing course was being held by a foreign male instructor.

A Baha'i woman named Hiwa Yazdan Mehdi Abadi has been finally transferred to the Central Prison of Yazd in central Iran, after 20 days of detention in the quarantine cells. She was able to use the phone for the first time. Her legal status, however, remains undecided. Hiva was arrested for teaching music to children.