Sunday, January 27, 2019


Two Baha’i women, Kimia Mostafavi and Kiana Rezvani from Kerman, were arrested on Saturday, January 19, by security forces and another Baha'i computer science undergraduate Shirin Bani Nejad, at Sama Andisheh Azad University, was barred from continuing her education due to her religion. Paragraph 3 of the bill ratified by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in March 1991 and endorsed by the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, reiterates, “Once it is confirmed that a student adheres to Baha’ism, whether at the time admission or during their studies, she/he must be deprived of education.”

A female prisoner who had been in the women’s ward of Sepidar Prison in Iran for a few days described its ghastly conditions.
The female prisoners in the Sepidar Prison of Ahvaz are deprived of the most basic needs of a decent life. The prison cells are full of lice, insects, and cockroaches.
The prisoners who have to sleep on the floor are in a worse situation. The bathroom’s sewage have problems.
The blankets given to prisoners are dirty and unusable. On many days of the week, the women’s ward health center has no doctors or even nurses.
Prison meals are inadequate and extremely poor in terms of quality. Usually the prison’s food has some kind of scraps of junk in it.
Suicide and self-injury among these women are heavily prevalent, as the women hope that after self-injury, they will be transferred to the health center so they can stay in a better condition for a few days or ultimately die.

On Sat. Jan. 26, the Iranian_Canadians gathered in cold weather in front of the Parliament Hill and across from PM office, calling on Poland conference to support Iranian people's Alternative NCRI(National Council of Resistance of Iran) led by Maryam Rajavi. The Poland conference will be held on 13 & 14 of Feb. 2019, focusing on Iranian regime's initiative, with the participation of representatives from different countries of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.