Sunday, January 06, 2019


Yesterday Sat. Jan. 5, 2019, the Iranian-Canadians gathered to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Jan.2018 uprising in Iran, in front of the Parliament Hill and across from PM office. They also stood in solidarity with the Isfahan farmers who are protesting in order to get their water rights. Similar gathering was held in Amsterdam as well.

Iran’s retirees held a massive protest across from the regime’s parliament in capital Tehran on Tuesday, January 2, demanding restitution of their rights. A considerable number of women participated in this massive protest. Security forces arrested two protesting retirees in order to control the scene but were confronted by the protesters shouting at them, “Let them go, let them go.” On the same day, another group of retirees held a massive protest in Mashhad against the authorities who have not responded to their demands.
On Wednesday, January 2, also a group of defrauded clients of Shideh Company held a rally to protest swindling of their properties. And a group of workers and employees of the Khomeini Hospital in Karaj held a protest demanding their wage. 
The families of the arrested workers of the National Steel Group of Ahvaz staged a protest and demanded the release of their loved ones on the same day as well and the families of the farmers in Isfahan joined the massive protest of the farmers of Varzaneh in a protest demanding their water rights.

Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian has been deprived of her weekly family visits since December 24, 2018. In addition to the pressure and denial of medical treatment, the prison authorities recently rejected Zeinab’s request for medical treatment outside of prison. Zeinab Jalalian is a Kurdish woman sentenced to life imprisonment in Khoy Prison. She was transferred to the prison’s infirmary last week due to severe kidney pain. Doctors said she should receive medical treatment outside prison due to a lack of sufficient medical facilities inside the prison. However, her transfer was objected by prison authorities. The Kurdish female political prisoner has been on a medicine strike for a year in protest to the lack of medical treatment in prison, and is in critical condition. In a call for urgent action on June 15, 2018, Amnesty International said Zeinab Jalalian is being subjected to torture by blocking her access to medical care in Iranian jail.

A bus transporting female gardeners of the Citrus Gardens in Mazandaran, overturned on Wednesday, December 26 in Galugah- Nokadeh Rr-North of Iran and all its passengers, including 14 female gardeners and the driver, were wounded. Last November, 23 women workers were injured in an accident in northern Iran when the minibus carrying them overturned into a water canal near the Tabaqdeh village on the fringe of the Islamabad city in Miandorud, Mazandaran Province.
On April 15, 2018, a Nissan vehicle was overturned on the Lak Pol area of the Qaemshahr – Babol road. Seven women workers were injured and transferred to the hospital. (The state-run – April 15, 2018)

The State Security Force of Hormozgan Province dealt with 54 young women in the province who worked as professional models. In light of the arrest of 54 young female models, Azizollah Maleki, Iran’s State Security Forces Commander of Hormozgan Province said on December 26 that “In an operation with intelligence identification, the provincial public security police officers have identified a number of young women models who are in collaboration with some classes, including women’s hairdressers, studios and ateliers. In this regard, with the coordination of a judicial authority, 54 young women and girl models were identified and legal proceedings were taken towards the case.”
Referring to Act 21 on Computer Crimes and Article 638 of the regime’s Islamic Penal Code regarding the arrest of these 54 young women, Azizollah Maleki stated, “The offender will be decisively dealt with according to the law.” (The state-run ISNA news agency – December 26, 2018)
This is not the first time that 54 young women are arrested in Hormozgan on modeling charges. In July 2018, the SSF Commander of Hormozgan Province Azizollah Maleki announced the arrest of 46 members of a modeling network; eight women were among the arrested members of the network. He stated, “38 delinquent businesses (photographers, hair dressers, and bridal maisons) and eight female models were arrested and turned in to judicial authorities to go through the legal process.” (The state-run Donya-ye Eghtesad website – July 16, 2018)
In Sistan and Baluchestan Province, a woman owning a hairdresser, had employed two other women as models for ads in social networks to invite customers to her shop. The agents went to the business, arresting the three women and sealing the shop. (The state-run ISNA news agency – October 25, 2018)
Two women were also arrested last June in Mashhad for tattoo training. (The official IRNA news agency – June 1, 2018)
Earlier on August 30, 2016, the Prosecutor of Ardebil had reported on the arrest of a number of women. He announced that “20 members of a modelling network have been arrested and four hairdressers and famous photo ateliers have been sealed.”
On October 21, 2016, it was announced that modelling was banned in Iran. (Hamid Ghobadi, Secretary of Fashion working group, interview with Fars news agency, October 21, 2016)