Sunday, December 27, 2020


The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on December 27, that the Coronavirus death toll in 475 cities across Iran had exceeded 192,800. Meanwhile the Iranian regime is refusing to buy the Covid-vaccine. The fed up people launched a twitter storm called: buy vaccine.


The First Branch of the Unit Implementing the Verdicts at Evin Courthouse summoned Vice President of the Free Union of Iranian Workers Parvin Mohammadi on December 20, 2020. The summon instructs Ms. Mohammadi to appear before the court within five days after the summon is posted on SANA website. Vice President of the Free Union of Iranian Workers Parvin Mohammadi said she had been summoned for a case filed against her in 2017. She was unaware of the prosecution and the verdict had been issued in her absence. There is no information available on the length of her sentence or her charges. The Vice President of the Free Union of Iranian Workers posted a video clip on social media, protesting this illegal procedure, violation of workers’ rights, as well as the security and legal pressures imposed on them. Parvin Mohammadi had been previously arrested and convicted for her peaceful activities in defense of workers’ rights. The Vice President of the Free Union of Iranian Workers Parvin Mohammadi was arrested on January 29, 2019, and imprisoned in Evin Prison until March when she was released on bail. She was re-arrested by security forces at a ceremony on the occasion of International Labor Day held in Jahan Nama Park located on Tehran-Karaj Highway on April 26, 2019, and sentenced to one year in prison on the charge of “propaganda against the state.” On December 7, 2019, she was taken to Kachouii Prison in Karaj to serve her sentence among ordinary prisoners. She had been released in April 2020. Ms. Mohammadi has published a number of open letters exposing the policies of the Iranian regime against the interests of Iranian workers.  In an open letter in January 2019, she wrote, ”Shame on the rulers who responded with arrests and imprisonments to 38 days of cries of the steel workers of Ahvaz who demanded their rights. These workers cried out their pains every day on the streets. Their throats turned sore so much that they cried out for their rights.”


More than 10 days after her brutal forced transfer to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp- IRGC Intelligence Ward 2A in Evin Prison, there are rising concerns about the fate of Golrokh Iraee and her conditions. The Iraee family are extremely concerned about her health and about the fabrication of new charges against her. They asked to be able to call or visit her. But Amin Vaziri, supervising the conditions of political prisoners, told them: “The riot in Qarchak had been organized by Golrokh Iraee and whatever happens to her, she deserves it.” He added, “For the time being, you should not be waiting for your daughter.” In a related development, the IRGC Follow-up Headquarters summoned the Iraee family. When they reported in, they were questioned and threatened. They were asked: “How do you know that Golrokh Iraee is in the IRGC Intelligence Ward 2A?” Intelligence agents also told them that they should not talk to the media about Golrokh Iraee’s detention. It is not clear why political prisoner Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee has been relocated. Intelligence services, however, are known for their fabrication of charges and filing new cases against prisoners who are about to complete their sentences.

In response to the protest of political prisoners, Soghra Khodadadi, the new warden of Qarchak Prison, has threatened to launch more attacks on them. Soghra Khodadadi oversaw 20 male and female anti-riot guards in Qarchak Prison when they raided political prisoners in Ward 8 on Sunday, December 13. They brutalized the inmates in Ward 8, and beat them with stun guns and batons. The guards took political prisoner Golrokh Iraee by her hair and dragged her out of the ward to send her to the IRGC Intelligence Ward 2A in Evin Prison. Most inmates suffered heavy bruises on their limbs and back. Few suffered from chest pain due to stun guns. But all of them were abandoned without any medical care.


On Dec. 17, the 35th Branch of the Iranian regime's Revision Court of Razavi Khorasan Province upheld a total of five years in prison for five Baha’i women living in Mashhad, the province’s capital. They are accused of “propaganda against the state through proselytizing Baha’ism.” The Revision Court of Razavi Khorasan Province convened in the absence of the five Baha’i women and their lawyers. They did not even know that the trial was going to be held. Nakisa Hajipour, Sanaz Es’haghi, Nika Pakzad, Naghmeh Zabihian, and Farzaneh Daneshgari had been arrested in Mashhad in November 2015. The Revision Court of Qaemshahr, in northern Mazandaran Province, upheld a one-year prison term for a Baha’i citizen in this city. Also, in the southern Province of Kerman, Vahda Seilani, was imprisoned last week to serve her one-year sentence in the Central Prison of Kerman.