Sunday, April 20, 2008


Firefighters arrested for not using hot water canons against protesting workers
Six firefighters have been jailed for more than 48 hours in Ahmadabad Detention Center, according to the Resistance sources in Iran. They were arrested for refusing to quell a labour demonstration using hot water canon at Kiyan Tire Factory (Alborz) in suburban Tehran, Iran’s capital. In a move of sympathy with the striking workers, the firemen discharged the hot water on the street. The Iranian regime will not tolerate mutiny of any kind within the ranks of government employees. Last Saturday, workers walked out at Kiyan Tire Factory. They burnt old tires to block the highway between Tehran and Islamshahr, a western suburb of the capital, to draw commuters’ attention traveling to Tehran. Striking workers have not been paid in the past few months.

Iranian regime carried out more than a quarter of executions in the world
Amnesty International said on Tuesday in its annual report on the death penalty worldwide that in Iran at least 317 were executed in 2007. According to the figures from Amnesty International’s yearly statistics, at least 1,252 people were executed in 24 countries worldwide. More than a quarter of all known executions in the world were carried out by the regime in Iran. Iran under the mullahs’ rule is one the three countries that carried out executions for crimes committed by people younger than 18 years of age, against international law. According to the report, the youngest executed in the world was a 13-year-old by the mullahs’ regime in April. In Iran at least one man was stoned to death, the human rights group said.

Abadan Oil Refinery Plant workers’ strike in protest of privatization
The Abadan Oil Refinery Plant workers staged a strike; this strike started on Saturday and continues. The workers strike is in protest to assigning parts of this oil refinery plant to the regime’s officials and affiliates under the guise of privatization. This plan is supposed to start on April 20, 2008.