Sunday, April 27, 2008


Mullahs’ runoff Majlis election charade discarded by people
NCRI, the National Council Resistance of Iran said in a statement on Saturday that the mullahs’ runoff Majlis (parliament) election charade yesterday was ignored by people across Iran far greater than the first round according to reports by the resistance’s sources from polling stations in Tehran and various cities and towns. There were only a handful of people who turned out to vote in many polling stations in Tehran including the ones in Aryashahr, Kashani Boulevard, Nezam Mafi Mosque, Islamshahr, Azadi Street in Hashemi district, Nabi Mosque in Narmak district, Saheb Zaman Mosque and Jame’e Mosque. TV crews from state-run network who were present at some of the polling stations from the early hours of yesterday could not file any report due to lack of voters. In Azadi Street, in addition to polling stations set up at schools and mosques, there were buses used as mobile polling stations. There were six armed agents protecting every bus, but hardly any citizens approached them. There were similar situation in Isfahan, Gorgon, Sarab, Shabestar, Kamyaran, Zanjan, Rasht, Elam, Quechan, Asaloyeh, Hamedan, Ahwaz and Yazd. Candidates from different factions used similar methods employed in the first round to attract people to ballot boxes such as giving free lunch, free telephone cards and other incentives. Speaking at the polling station yesterday when casting his vote, Ali Khamenei, the regime’s Supreme Leader, said, 'The same incentive, feeling and the sense of responsibility which made us to go to ballot boxes in the first round, has acted this time again for us to come to the ballot boxes.' His remarks which reflected a sense of desperation was broadcast live by the state-run TV and radio.

A juvenile murdered by SSF agents in western Iranian city
A 15-yr old juvenile who had been injured by the State Security force agents’ shooting in Sardasht (western Iranian city), lost his life. In fear of people’s anger, the clerical regime buried this teenager covertly at night.According to received reports, the security condition is still disturbed, and shopkeepers avoid going to their works in protest against killing and injuring 6 people by SSF. The bazaar (town market) is closed too. It is worth noting that following the criminal suppression of clerical regime in Rabat, Sardasht, the Iranian Resistance asked all human rights organizations and communities to condemn suppression of the Iranian people by the clerical regime.

Clerical regime hanged 5 prisoners at Tehran’s Evin Prison
Iran’s clerical regime hanged five men in Tehran’s Evin prison on Wednesday, reported Agence France-Presse quoting Iran’s state- run Fars news agency. The hangings bring to at least 70 the number of executions in Iran so far this year, according to an AFP count. Rights watchdog Amnesty International said on Monday that in 2007 Iran made more use of the death penalty than any other country apart from China, executing 317 people during the year.

Switzerland freezes assets of 12 more Iranian companies
GENEVA, April 23, 2008 (AFP) - Switzerland said on Wednesday it had frozen the assets of a further 12 Iranian companies in accordance with new United Nations sanctions aimed at stopping Tehran’s alleged nuclear programme. The 12 companies, and 13 individuals, have been added to an existing blacklist of 23 companies and 27 people. Five Iranian nationals are also banned from entering and passing through Switzerland, the country’s Federal Council said in a statement. Switzerland will also ban the delivery of so-called 'dual use' materials that could be used for the manufacture of nuclear plants, and the export of some drones and missiles, the statement said. The UN Security Council last month imposed its third set of sanctions against Iran in the space of 15 months to punish Tehran’s refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, which world powers fear Iran could use to make nuclear weapons. The resolution gives Iran three months to comply with demands to suspend uranium enrichment, and includes an outright ban on travel by officials involved in Tehran’s nuclear and missile programmes, as well as broadening a list of individuals and entities subject to an assets freeze. Switzerland’s own trade and diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic have come under fire in recent months after foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Rey travelled to Tehran in March to sign a gas deal. Jewish-American group the Anti-Defamation League took out full-page advertisments in Swiss and international papers earlier this month accusing Switzerland of 'funding terrorism' through the deal, a charge vehemently rejected by Bern.

Iranian regime hanged 4 prisoners in Iran’s southern prison
The anti human regime of the mullahs ruling Iran hanged four prisoners in the central prison of Kerman, Iran’s southern province. IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, announced that the execution sentence of these four people was issued by Kerman Revolutionary Court, and was put into force after being approved by the country’s attorney general.

Martial law in southern Iran to confront anti-regime uprising
According to received reports from different cities of Bushehr province (southern Iran), the clerical regime has declared martial law by dispatching 2000 agents of Special Unit forces and has closed schools and banks. The Special Unit agents have extensively arrested the people, and in order to create the atmosphere of fear, they brutally beat the protesters and arrest them.According to the reports, 15 people were arrested in Berazjan and 10 in Shabankareh on Saturday night among, them 7 young women and girls. Another report indicates that two people, Ali Dadjouan and Mohammad Bargahi, were killed in Shabankareh by unknown persons.