Sunday, May 04, 2008


Angry people clashed with SSF in southern Iranian city
In protest against the suppressive State Security Force (SSF) agent’s crime, the angry people of Arsanjan, in Fars province, southern Iran, clashed with them. According to reports, this confrontation took place when the criminal agents started to beat several youth; the people came to help them and clashed with the regime’s agents. The regime’s forces shot at the people and injured three people named Yousef Ebrahimi, 20, Abdulhamid Afghan, 18 and Bahrami, 40 who were transferred to hospital by the people. In protest to this crime, the people staged a sit-in in front of the hospital.

Thousands of Iranian workers demonstrated in various cities against Iranian regime on May Day
Despite suppressive measures by the mullahs’ regime to prevent marking the Labors day, thousands of workers staged demonstration in Pounak neighborhood in Tehran. The workers chanting slogans against Ahmadinejad and the regime turned the ceremony into a big protest against the fundamentalist regime of Iran. Over three thousand workers gathered in this rally which was surrounded by suppressive forces that were dispatched to prevent workers from marching. In Rasht, northern Iranian city, 4,000 workers staged anti state rally. In Sanandaj and Isfahan, two other major cities, the workers refrained to go to work on May Day. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, May 1, 2008 announced in a statement that in the run-up to the international Labour Day, most of Iran’s factories and workshops came under severe crackdown by the mullahs’ regime.Since the early days of the new Iranian year in the end of March, workers in dozens of Iranian factories and workshops have been suppressed by the government-run security apparatus. They were protesting over non-payment of their overdue salaries and benefits. The following are a number of such factories:Tabas Mining Factory, Sarcheshmeh Cupper Factory in the southern city of Kerman, Jahad Agriculture in the southern city of Bushehr, Gavmishan Dam Factory and Sugar-Beet Factory in the western city of Kamyaran, Siyah-Roukh Factory in the western city of Divandareh, Energy Company in the southern city of Asaloyeh, Aras China Factory in the northwestern province of Azerbaijan, Pashmineh Baf Factory in the western city of Qazvin, Mehrpouya Textile Factory in the central city of Isfahan, Navard Company in the western city of Karaj, Iran’s Telecommunications and Sandouq Nasouz in Tehran, Hamid China Factory, and municipal workers in Sa’adabad, Avangan factory in the central city of Arak and Iran Khodro in Tehran. Alireza Mahjoub, Director of Labor House said in an interview with the state-run news agency ISNA on April 29, 'In the private sector we have no criteria to specify the number of part time workers. But in The government sector we have some 2,500,000 workers on part time basis employment in the labor market.' He referred to an official figure of part time workers only employed in the government sector. However, in Iran, workers are hired under part-time conditions and automatically are deprived of all the benefits of a full time worker. Management, mostly tied to the regime, welcome the part time employments since they do not have to bind themselves with the minimum benefits of labor laws. This constitutes an inhuman method used by the managers to fire the worker at any time. Separately, some independent labor unions set up by the Iranian workers have been attacked by the regime and their members have been Jailed. The Iranian Resistance on the occasion of the May Day calls on labor organizations and unions in particular the International Labor Organization (ILO) to condemn the clerical regime’s anti-labor policies and suppression of workers in Iran and urges support for their just demands.