Sunday, May 11, 2008


UK Court of Appeal issues definitive ruling to remove PMOI from terrorist list
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on Wednesday that: This morning, the British Court of Appeal, presided over by the Lord Chief Justice Phillips, refused the UK Home Secretary’s leave to appeal the November 30, 2007 judgment of the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission (POAC). As such, the POAC ruling on the removal of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran from the terrorist list became definitive and cannot be appealed. After a long examination of this case, POAC had determined that the PMOI was not concerned in terrorism and thus ordered the Home Secretary to lay a draft order before the Parliament to remove the PMOI from the list of proscribed organizations. POAC had described the decision to maintain the PMOI on the list ’unlawful’ and ’perverse.’ Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, congratulated the Iranian people, the Mojahedin in Ashraf City, the Iranian Resistance’s Leader Massoud Rajavi, and all advocates of justice and freedom, over the Court of Appeal ruling. She described it as the victory of justice and human values. Mrs. Rajavi called on the British Government to abide by the Court’s ruling and end the injustice and the violation of law. She urged the UK to immediately remove the PMOI from the terrorist list and lift all the consequent restrictions. Underlining that the European Union’s designation of the PMOI had been based on the decision of the UK’s Home Secretary, Mrs. Rajavi said that following the ruling by the Court of Appeal, the Council of the European Union must remove the PMOI from the terrorist list at once. She added that any delay by the UK Government or the EU in doing so would amount to the violation of law and submitting to the demands of the religious fascism ruling Iran.The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect said that the terror label has inflicted enormous damage on the Iranian people and Resistance. Western governments have in effect contributed to the mullahs’ suppression of the Iranian people, hamstrung the potentials of the Resistance and provided a pretext for the torture and execution of PMOI prisoners, she added. She stressed that Western governments have thus placed a major road block on the path of change in Iran. The United Kingdom and Western governments owe the people of Iran an apology over this shameful designation. The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect emphasized that change in Iran by the Iranian people and the Resistance is the only option in confronting with the mullahs’ threats to regional and global peace and security. She said European governments must recognize the Iranian Resistance, which is striving for the establishment of democracy and popular sovereignty in Iran. Mrs. Rajavi described the 35 members of the British Houses of Commons and Lords, who challenged the PMOI’s designation, as the aware conscience of the people of Britain for challenging this great injustice to the Iranian people and Resistance. She offered her gratitude to the appellants in this case and all lawmakers, jurists and lawyers who had fought long and hard to remove this proscription.

Anti-government demonstration by over 1000 students in Tehran
Over 1000 students from three technical colleges in Tehran staged protesting gathering on Tuesday in front of Iran’s Science Ministry.In fear of spreading out of the protests, the suppressive State Security Force (SSF) agents were stationed at the gathering place and prevented propagation of its news.The state-run news agency, IRNA, admitted to this protesting move and wrote: This morning, during students’ gathering, the IRNA photographer was detained for several hours; they confiscated his camera and demolished his photos.

1000 Birjand University students protest; 30 in hunger strike
The students of Birjand University (Northeastern Iran) staged dry hunger strike to protest against the clerical regime’s suppressive measures in the University.According to reports, on Saturday, 1000 students from Birjand University started their protesting gathering. The gathering, which was staged in solidarity with protests in other universities, spread out rapidly. Faced with regime’s indifference on their demands, the students staged a hunger strike. The reports indicate 30 students are presently on dry hunger strike, the physical condition of some of them is reported as critical.