Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Students of Teachers’ Training School continue strike; 170 on hunger strike
The sit-in and strike of more than 2,000 students of the Teacher’s Training school in Pardis, Karaj, ended its ninth day while about 170 of the students are on hunger strike. Despite all pressures, threats and surrounded by the State Security Force, the strike is still going on. Over the past 9 days, the clerical regime’s agents tried several times to hamper the strike by employing measures such as cutting off drinking water, threatening the striking students’ families, and releasing punishment warrants for 8 students by the disciplinary committee; but these measures were foiled by the students’ resistance

“AI” expressed concern of female student detainment in Iran
Amnesty International released a statement expressing its concern about the fate of a 21-yr old female student named Nahid Kalhor who was arrested by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence agents (MIOS) in Qom, Iranian central city. This statement partly reads: This student is exposed to the threat of mistreat and torture; her whereabouts is uncertain and she has no connection with her family or any attorney. Amnesty International has asked its members and other human rights activists across the world to take measures to save Nahid’s life.

7,000 brick factory workers continue their second week of strike
7000 workers of brick factory of Orumiyeh (northwestern Iranian city) castigated Ahmadinejad’s representative who tried to break the strike through intimidating and threatening the workers.The report indicates that Ahmadinejad’s cabinet representative by the name of Shirzad Mehvarcharkh, who intended to threaten the workers, was attacked by the striking workers and was injured; he was hospitalized for 6 days.

The European Union on Wednesday expressed its "deep concern" at the impending execution of an alleged juvenile offender in Iran on June 4th. "The Presidency of the EU expresses its deep concern on news of the imminent execution of Mr Mohammad Fadaei who was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime committed when he was a minor", the EU said in a statement issued by Slovenia which currently holds the 27-nation bloc's rotating presidency. Fadaei is scheduled to be executed on 11 June 2008. “Two other juvenile offenders, Mr Behnood Shojaee and Mr Saeed Jazee, who were also convicted of crimes which took place when they were minors, have also been scheduled for execution on 11 June and 25 June 2008 respectively”, the EU said.
Mohammad Fadaei has written an open letter stating that his confession to the murder when he was 16 years old, was under torture and he signed the confession to stop the unbearable torture. He writes: without knowing what was on that paper, they forced me to seal it with my finger prints. I swear that neither I wrote anything nor I have any knowledge of the text. Now I am awaiting my execution. Mohammad continues: I ‘m not afraid anymore, I have lived with it for years. They have hung my hopes and dreams years ago... I still can’t believe it that I must die in a few days.

The Kuwaiti daily Asseyassa wrote in an article that the solution to Iran’s crisis is the Iranian Resistance and the option represented by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. In an article by the Lebanese writer Moha Awn, Asseyassa wrote: The international forces, and above all, the Arab and regional countries must take action in cooperation with each other for a democratic solution, and should carry this out through strengthening the Iranian people’s resistance movements; the Arab and Islamic countries are the first who benefit this, because the Iranian Resistance under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi relies on democratic principles and advocates the tolerant Islam that believes in separation of church and state; this resistance has ability and legitimacy to end Iran’s nuclear crisis, and is able to finish disgusting fratricide among Shiites and Sunnis; this resistance is the most appropriate solution for the Arab world to confront the Iranian regime.