Monday, June 02, 2008


Worldwide demonstrations against missile attack on Ashraf
Following the missile attack on Ashraf City by the Iranian regime, the freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of Resistance in various countries of the world including Britain, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, U.S. and Canada staged demonstrations and asked for international measures to confront the clerical regime and eviction of it from Iraq. In Canada they Iranian gathered in front of the Forgien affaris on 125 Sussex drive on Thursday May 29th and demanded Canadian government to take necessary measures. They chanted close down Iranian embassy in Baghdad City which they called it a “terror Base”. In this gathering Mr. David Kilgour and Madadm Folkor also participated and condemned the missile attack on Ashraf city by the Iranian regime.

According to Press Association on May 28, 08, Europe's governments are being urged to follow the UK's lead and remove Iran's opposition movement from a list of proscribed terrorist organizations. The move follows the end of a seven-year legal battle by the People's Mujahadeen of Iran (PMOI) during which British and EU courts have ruled there is no justification for the organization appearing on the blacklist. In 2001 the then home secretary Jack Straw added the PMOI to the UK's terror list, drawn up under the Terrorism Act, and asked the EU to add it to its own list. But in 2006 the European Court of Justice said the decision to include the PMOI on the EU list was "unlawful". Then last year the UK's Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission described the Government's refusal to take the PMOI off the UK list as "perverse" and "flawed".
A final Government legal challenge was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on May 7, prompting Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to agree to remove the PMOI from the UK list. PMOI lawyer David Vaughan QC told a victory meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels that the EU governments now had no choice but to take the PMOI off the EU list as well. He said it had been a "great honor" to fight the case, adding: "It is easy to win a case if you have good case." The next job was to persuade the member states that the legitimacy of keeping the PMOI on the EU list depended entirely on the validity of Mr Straw's decision to put the organization on the UK list: "Once the UK measures were declared unlawful on May 7, the European measures had no legitimate basis in law." Labour peer Lord Clarke, one of 35 MPs and lords named in a legal challenge to the government said keeping the PMOI on the EU list was now "wrong and indefensible". The organization was the "democratic face of Iran", he told the Brussels meeting.