Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Angry people clashed with SSF agents during a public hanging
The people of Nashtaroud, in northern Iranian Gilan province expressed their anger and disgust against public execution of a prisoner and clashed with the suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) on Monday. The prisoner, Ghanbar Kelari, 34, was hanged publicly in front of Nashtaroud Prison at 10 a.m. When being hanged, he shouted: 'I am innocent, don’t hang me'. The people who witnessed this scene expressed their anger and clashed with the SSF agents. The witnesses said the protest was so extensive that the transfer of the body of hanged prisoner was delayed for several hours.

US State Department sanctions Iranian regime’s Guard Corps (IRGC)
The United States has imposed sanctions on companies from China, Russia, Venezuela and other countries for allegedly violating its ban on sales of technology that could help Iran, Syria or North Korea develop sensitive weapons systems, reported Associated France Press. The State Department announced in the Federal Register that '13 foreign persons,' meaning companies, 'engaged in activities that warrant imposition of measures' under its Iran, North Korea and Syria Non-Proliferation Act. The United States says the sanctions are meant to punish the firms for sales that have 'potential to make a material contribution to the development of weapons of mass destruction or cruise or ballistic missile systems.'Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was one of the targets of the sanctions.

Geneva Sit-in, day 58Canadian human rights activist, European prominent lawyer stress on US protection of Ashraf
Geneva is still witnessing the sit-in of Ashraf residents’ families and freedom-loving Iranians in support of Ashraf City. On the 58th day of sit-in, Dr. David Kilgour, prominent human rights activist, former deputy of Canadian Parliament and Director General of Africa-Asia department of Canadian Foreign Ministry in the previous Liberal Government, delivered speech and said: “If Ashraf protection is not provided by the Multi National Force in Iraq, it would lead to a human catastrophe; the United States has a special role in this issue; it is no hidden that the Iranian regime is training armed groups inside Iraq. The next speaker was Professor David Mitz, one of the most prominent European lawyers for defence of Ashraf who emphasised on continuance of Ashraf protection by the Multi National Force and the United States and said: The US government has commitment in this matter; it is well clear that what consequences the Ashraf protection transfer has; the history of that regime in murdering its opposition is not covert for anyone, and Ashraf protection transfer has risk of humanitarian tragedy.Then the letter of Ed Towns, US Congressman, to the UN Secretary General in defence of Ashraf residents was read. In his letter, while referring to enjoying of Ashraf residents from the status of political refugees according to the Geneva Fourth Convention, and the emphasis of the International Committee of Res Cross (ICRC) and Amnesty International (AI) to the US and Iraqi governments regarding observance of Ashraf residents’ rights, reminded the pressures of the Iranian regime for expelling the PMOI from Iraq asked the UN Secretary General to listen to the Also, the solidarity message of the Association of Iranian specialists and Academicians residing in Netherland was read. A group of youth participating in the sit-in read their message of support for Ashraf too.