Monday, October 20, 2008


Prisoner murdered under torture in Isfahan
The Isfahan Prison interrogators murdered a prisoner under torture. According to received reports by the resistance sources in Iran, a prisoner by the name of Mohammad A. who had escaped from Isfahan Prison along with three other prisoners was arrested and was murdered under torture imposed on him by Ali Banaii, the interrogator of the Counterintelligence section of Isfahan Prison. In order to cover up this crime, the prison officials, according to reports, transferred the body of the murdered prisoner to the roof of an unfinished building and dropped him down to report his death as accident. The neighbours and family of this prisoner went to the public prosecutor’s office and testified that Mohammad had been arrested by Ali Banaii, the top prosecutor of Isfahan Prisons counterintelligence.

Many striker shopkeepers and youth arrested in Isfahan
According to news a large number of shopkeepers and youth who had participated in recent strike and demonstrations in Isfahan have been arrested and transferred to Isfahan Prison.According to this news the arrested persons have been taken under interrogation by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry (MIOS)’s interrogators and torturers. It is said that they have no connection with their families and repeated referring by their families to get information from the detainees have been abortive so far and they have been threatened by the interrogators several times.

Geneva sit-in, Day 53
Prominent NCRI artist speaks, solidarity messages of Associations read
On the 53rd day of Ashraf residents’ families’ sit-in in Geneva, Bahram Alivandi, the prominent artist and member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, spoke to the demonstrators. Solidarity messages from several societies in different countries were also read. Addressing the United Nations and other international bodies, Bahram Alivandi asked them to hear the voice of sit-in participants and their demands regarding Ashraf residents’ rights, particularly guarantee their protection based on the international conventions.Then the following messages in support of the sit-in demands in defence of Ashraf residents’ rights were read:
- Association of Iranian Refugees in Belgium
- Association of Fundamentalism’s Victims in Sweden
- International Women’s Association in Netherlands