Monday, December 14, 2009


Mothers of uprising victims and detainees rally in Tehran
About 200 mothers of those killed or detained during the nationwide uprising in Iran and families of political prisoners gathered at Abnama Square in Tehran’s Laleh Park on Saturday, December 12, 2009. They continued their rally by marching towards Amirabad Street and later Fatemi intersection. The mothers’ protest, which has been regularly staged since the start of the nationwide uprising every week on Saturdays, took place despite the fact that the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) and plainclothes agents issued threats and insults, and violently confronted the protestors to prevent a rally. They blatantly threatened the mothers with death.More than 200 families of those detained during the December 7 protests also gathered in front of the regime’s Revolutionary Court hoping to receive information about the whereabouts of their children and relatives and to demand their immediate release. The detainees of the December 7 rally are mostly young girls and boys who are kept in solitary confinements at wards 209 and 240 of the notorious Evin prison. A large number of the detainees have also been transferred to safe-houses and other detention centers of the regime, and their fates remain unknown. The regime’s suppressive organs refrain from responding to families worried about the fate of their loved ones. Families traveling from the provinces to Tehran to find out about the status of their relatives are particularly under more pressure.

Iranian regime’s Parliament Speaker totally rejected hand over of enriched uranium
Ali Larijani, Speaker of Majlis (parliament), on Sunday totally rejected the hand over of enriched uranium in exchange for fuel. While he could not conceal his disappointment towards the latest remarks by the U.S. President Obama on the clerical regime, he said, “There is not going to be another opportunity to discuss deceitful ideas such as exchange of material. People of Iran have realized the scope of your remarks and dishonest proposals and will not allow you to play with their national interests.” In a ludicrous manner he tried to threaten foreign powers and said, “People will give you a powerful answer by coming to the scene.” (State-run TV, December 13)With his remarks, Larijani cleared all ambiguities and showed that the regime is not prepared to abandon its nuclear programs by negotiations and incentive packages. Continuing talks and giving concessions to the regime only helps and encourages it to advance its nuclear program. The religious regime ruling Iran, which is unable to overcome crises and internal rift while millions of people are calling for its downfall on the streets, considers obtaining nuclear bomb as a means to save the regime and its ominous rule. Giving up nuclear projects would only expedite the regime’s process of disintegration and downfall.

Iranian people’s uprising targeted "leadership of revolution"
According to Natioanl Council of Resistance of Iran, Dec. 11, Kayhan state-run daily affiliated to regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expressed fear on continuing protests against the clerical regime and warned that the uprising ’has targeted the core of the power, the central point of the guidance of the system and the leadership of the revolution.’ In an article entitled ’Hesitation not allowed,’ in its daily column ’Day’s note,’ wrote on Thursday: ’22nd of Khordad (June 12, the day of mullahs’ sham presidential election) in fact was a pretext for enemies to settle accounts with the revolution and the pillars of the system… If in the first days of the conspiracy, the claims about fraud [in the election] and slogan of ’Where is my vote?!’ took some people to the streets, the curtains gradually went up and the issue changed and the slogans against the pillars of the system and the principles of the revolution replaced them.’Kayhan added:’ (They) are from the same counter-revolutionary groups that always existed during the past 30 years of the revolution and the [Islamic] state. There is no political system without opposition… Today the enemy has targeted the core of the power, the central point of the guidance of the system and the leadership of the revolution.’ The daily described the current situation as ’gloomy’ and full of ’conspiracies” and called on the clerical authorities to stop the uprisings by more suppression without any ’neglect or hesitation.’

Iraqi government falsely claims it has reached agreement with Ashraf residents on their displacement
The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement on December 12, 2009, that while the international community has been enraged by plans to forcibly displace Ashraf residents and Amnesty International has strongly denounced such an act, some international media have told the Iranian Resistance in their contacts with the Secretariat of the NCRI that the spokesman of the Iraqi government had told their correspondents based in Baghdad that the government had reached an agreement with the residents of Ashraf on their displacement planned for December 15 and had obtained their consent. This claim is totally unfounded and untrue. It is only intended to deceive the public opinion. The Forcible displacement of Ashraf residents is absolutely unlawful and infringes the International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law and will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. The international human rights organizations and distinguished international lawyers have reiterated the illegality of such a measure.While the Iraqi government is speaking about a bogus agreement with Ashraf residents, the criminal siege on the camp has extremely intensified and it is now even affecting food stuff. Since Thursday, December 10, deliveries to Ashraf of food, including meat and vegetables, and hygiene products have been blocked. The food stuff is rotting outside the camp while waiting for clearance of the representative of the Prime Ministry committee responsible for suppression of Ashraf residents. Furthermore, doctors, medicines and fuel are still barred from entering Camp Ashraf. On a related story, the EP Intergroup calls on United Nations to intervene to avert violence against Camp Ashraf residents Friends of a Free Iran intergroup in the European Parliament, which consists of a large group of MEPs from various political tendencies expresses its deep concern over the looming crisis in Camp Ashraf, Northern Iraq, which has been the home for decades to around 3400 members and supporters of the PMOI/MEK or the People’s Mojahedin of Iran.Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, under intense pressure from the oppressive mullah’s regime in Tehran, has ordered the forcible displacement of these unarmed civilians from their homes on Tuesday 15th December. The Iraqi authorities intend to relocate the majority of the Ashraf residents to a desert compound in Southern Iraq, an area already virtually under the complete control of Iran and its proxy terrorist insurgents. Such a move will spell the certain death of Ashraf residents. It seems possible that senior figures from the PMOI may also be deported to Iran where they will face certain torture and death.As we have repeatedly pointed out, the residents of Camp Ashraf were each, individually, guaranteed safe-keeping by the US military. All 3400 were collectively designated as protected persons under the 4th Geneva Convention. In April this year the European Parliament passed a tough resolution demanding full protection for the residents of Ashraf, calling on the Iraqi government to end its siege of the camp and allow humanitarian aid to its residents and rejecting any forcible displacement inside Iraq. Notwithstanding our resolution, the Iraqi government ordered an attack on Camp Ashraf in July which resulted in the death of 11 innocent residents and injuries to many hundreds. 36 of the PMOI supporters were held in illegal custody for 72 days and only released after widespread international protests and the fact that many of them were near death after a protracted hunger strike.We urge the Secretary General of the United Nations and his Special Representative in Iraq and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene to avert needless bloodshed and violence against the innocent residents of Ashraf.