Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Students day in Iran

Uprising against the clerical regime in Iran
According to NCRI and reports from hundreds of eye witness, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in various parts of Tehran against the clerical regime and fought back the suppressive forces yesterday Dec. 07, 09Protesters in Enghelab Square and streets of Enghelab, Amir Abad Shomali, 16 Azar, Palestine, Kakh and Vali Asr junction are marching and clashing with agents of suppressive State Security Force. They are chanting, “Leader rules like God, people live like beggar,” “Down with Khamenei” and “Down with dictator” and express their hatred against the clerical dictatorship despite unprecedented suppression.Clashes have been reported at the Fakhr-Razi Street between youths throwing stones at the security forces that attacked them using tear gas. Mullahs’ regime has parked special vehicles in various locations to carry detained protesters to unknown locations.In Somayye Street, arrested students have been taken to buses designated to transfer detained protesters.Clashes also have been reported at other locations between demonstrators and the oppressive forces such as Salsabil Junction, Imam Hossein and Baharestan Square.
The clashes between university students and the regime's forces continue today Dec. 08, 09 as well. The people are responsing to the request of the students to be helped. There are reports which indicate that the people are heading towards the Tehran university to support the students.