Sunday, December 06, 2009


Tehran’s Friday prayer leader: There should not be “slightest mercy” in your heart when fighting opponents
The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran issued a statement on December 5, 2009 stating that Ahmad Jannati, leader of the Friday prayer in Tehran, in his sermon on Friday, December 4, said: Opponents of the clerical regime are “Enemies of God.” He then continued saying: “Those who insult Bassij [paramilitary force] are traitors” and stressed that in the fight against the opponents there should not be “slightest mercy” in your hearts. He then threatened those who protest against the regime and said: “Fighting the regime… would cost dear for the enemies” and added: “Those who betray the regime will be punished for what they do.” (Fars state-run news agency, December 4(NCRI’s statement continues: in a bid to raise the morale of the Bassij force he praised them for the crimes they have committed and said: “We should kiss the hands and arms of the Bassijis.” NCRI added: in a statement released by the State Security Force (SSF), it says: “The police will deal harshly with any gathering outside the designated places.”(IRNA state-run news agency, December 3)In addition, the commander of SSF had earlier warned that, “Killing one person to save the lives of a hundred is not considered as violence.”The warnings issued these days by officials of the clerical regime are aimed at intensifying the atmosphere of fear and intimidation in society in order to prevent widespread participation of people and particularly students in the demonstrations planned for December 7, the Students Day.

Internet down in Iran ahead of planned protests
AFP, Tehran, Dec. 5, 2009
Most of the Iranian capital’s Internet links with the outside world were down on Saturday, two days ahead of planned demonstrations by opponents of President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad. Sources close to Iran’s technical services told AFP the cut was the result of “a decision by the authorities” rather than a technical breakdown, but telecommunications ministry officials were unavailable for comment.Internet lines, texting and at times even mobile phone connections have often been cut or scrambled since Ahamdinejad’s contested re-election in June, but this was the first such occurrence a full two days before planned protests. The elite Revolutionary Guards and other authorities have warned they will crack down on any attempt by regime opponents to hijack the event to mount further protests against Ahamdinejad.Tehran on December 7 marks the 1953 killing by the shah’s security forces of three students, just months after a US-backed coup toppled popular Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq.

Majority of Norwegian Parliament dedicate their declaration in suport of Ashraf residents to Mrs. Rajavi
In a parliamentary session in Norwegian Parliament in Oslo with the presence of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Marit Nybakk, Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament, as well as a number of members of the Parliament from different parties, the declaration by the majority of the Parliament members in suport of Ashraf residents was announced. Morten Hoglund, Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Norwegian Parliament, on behalf of the majority of Parliament, presented the statement signed by 91 members of the Parliament to Mrs. Rajavi.