Sunday, February 20, 2011


Demonstrations began Hours ago in different cities in Iran

According to reports many students are on the streets chanting death to dictator. people started to come out at 1pm and went to the most used streets in tehran, Vali Asr, Azadi , Imam Hossein, Pastor square etc..

In valiasr the students started their demonstration and crowd is growing by the minutes. But the police and riots are all over, specially in Azadi square. There were reports that a big crowd have gathered in Vali Asr, in front of the State Media TV house in Tehran. The government forces shoot tear gas at the protesters. People have taken over the Haft Tir square, Enghelab and ValiAsr. Reports indicate clashes between people and regime’s forces in Shiraz. According to reports Young people threw Koktile Molotof at the riot police and specail forces.

Police using Ambulance for arresting people

According to Freedom Messanger in Tehran, Valiasr, Government thugs are using ambulance to get into the crowds. When the ambulance gets into the crowd, they arrest people and place them inside the ambulance and drive away. They do this, because they know people are not going to attack an ambulance.

One person was killed by the Iranian regime today!

Unconfirmed reports indicate that one person was shot and killed instantly by the Iranian regime’s forces in 7 tir square today! The police are fully armed and many people are hurt. The Iranian regime announced a few days ago that any anti regime movement will be ”answered”.

10 executions in 5 days in Iran

NCRI(Narional council of Resisitance of Iran) reported on Feb. 19, that in a group execution, the Iranian regime put to death 4 prisoners in Kerman (south-central Iran) on Friday, February 18. In Sanandaj (western Iran), two prisoners were hanged on February 15, and 2 other prisoners in Khoram-Abad (western Iran) and 2 more in Sari (northern Iran) were hanged on February 14. In the past five days, after the Iranian people’s uprising that erupted on February 14, the number of executions announced has reached 10. This is while the regime’s judicial officials admit that secret executions are carried out in prisons.