Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ahmadinejad:”I can’t believe that a leader kills his own people in Libya”

The State television in Iran broadcasted the speech of Ahmadinejad about the killings in Libya. He said:”I can not believe that a leader want to kill his own people. How can they be a leader of a country when they don’t listen to their people? Everybody knows what the future of a government like that would be.” – Ahmadinejad said. The Iranian regime opened fired on unaremed protesters last Monday killing at least 2 students. According to reports every 8 minutes one prisoner is being hanged in Iran.

The Shiraz student’s rally got violent

The Shiraz university students started a rally on Feb. 23rd which turned violent when the regime forces got involved. The Students were seeking an answer regarding Hamed Nourmohammadi’s death by the regime’s forces. He is the third student who was killed by the regime’s forces in the past week.

IAEA has new info on alleged nuclear weapons work by Iran

Associated France Press reported on Feb. 25th that the UN nuclear watchdog said Friday it has received new information regarding allegations of possible military dimensions to Iran’s controversial nuclear programme. AFP added: The International Atomic Energy Agency has been investigating the Islamic republic’s disputed atomic drive for a number of years, with a range of issues still unresolved, among them allegations that Iran had undertaken studies to build a nuclear payload for a missile. In a restricted new report, a copy of which was obtained by AFP, the IAEA said Iran was still refusing 'to discuss a number of outstanding issues related to possible military dimensions to its nuclear work.' Tehran insists its atomic programme is entirely peaceful. But Western countries believe it is a guise to a covert nuclear weapons programme and have compiled evidence that it was involved in weaponisation studies -- work which included uranium conversion, high explosives testing and the adaptation of a ballistic missile cone to carry a nuclear warhead -- at least until 2003.

Iranian Regime plans to increase number of prisons as dissent grows

The Iranian regime will build 47 new prisons over the next three years to accommodate a growing prison population, according to the state-run Khabar Online on Saturday. Gholam-Hossein Esmaeeli, the director of the Iran’s prison system, was quoted as saying, “Some of the prisons are in the process of being built. … The Prisons Organization seeks to bring into operation 47 new detention centers over the course of the next three years.”