Sunday, April 03, 2011


Iran: Kurdish Sherko Moarefi at imminent risk of execution

A Kurdish man, Sherko Moarefi, is scheduled to be executed on 1 May, in the western Iranian province of Kordestan, according to Freedom Massanger. He was convicted of “enmity against God” or moharebeh. Sherko was detained in October 2008, after which he was sentenced to death for “acting against national security” and “enmity against God”.

Iranian Cancer Prisoner ‘Died For Lack Of Care’

Radio Farda a Persian radio station in the US said: A former cellmate of an Iranian political prisoner who died this week of cancer says authorities provided medical treatment that was too little, too late. Mohsen Dogemehchi was buried on March 30 after losing a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 53. Dogemehchi, who worked at the Tehran Bazaar, was among hundreds of people arrested after the June 2009 disputed presidential election that sparked widespread protests. He was serving a 10-year sentence on charges of supporting the exiled opposition group the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (also known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, or MKO). During his time in Evin and Rajaishahr prisons, Dogemehchi was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Journalist and blogger Saeed Pourheydar shared a cell with Dogemehchi in Evin prison for nearly two months last year. “Dogemehchi did not have any previous medical history, and the first signs of his illness appeared in November,” Pourheydar said. “But as the authorities were ignorant and he was merely taken to the prison hospital for pain killer shots, his cancer was diagnosed when it was too late.” “Moreover, those imprisoned on the charge of supporting the MKO were completely ignored relative to the other prisoners,” he said. “During my last meeting with the prosecutor in prison, I mentioned the condition of Mr. Dogemehchi and asked him to grant him leave or transfer him to a hospital,” Pourheydar said. “He retorted by saying that it is none of my business.” Pourheydar said: The prosecutor told him that “not all prisoners are meant to be executed to die”.

Bahareh Hedayat and Mahdieh Golrou Banned from Prison Visitation

According to the Human Rights House of Iran, Mahdieh Golrou and Bahareh Hedayat have once again been banned from weekly visits with their families. The two female prisoners are currently in the Methadone Ward of Evin Prison and are serving their sentence while their rights are constantly violated. Hedayat has been sentenced to 9.5 years in prison and Golrou has been sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison. The Iranian regime jails political and human rights activists in Methadone ward which was created for offenders with drug addiction to break their spirits.

PMOI: Iraqi Army invades Camp Ashraf

BBC Persian TV, said on April 3rd: “The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) says that the Iraqi Army has invaded Camp Ashraf. In a statement, this organization has said that forces from the Fifth Division, with armored vehicles, have occupied parts of this camp, however, the Iraqi Army has declined this report. The AFP New Agency, has quoted a senior Iraqi Army commander as saying that previous forces in Camp Ashraf have be substituted by new forces.”