Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ahwaz's "Day of Rage"- Iran

The Ahwazi Arab 'Day of Rage' proceeded under a complete media black-out and brutal state repression, leaving at least nine dead, scores injured and more than a hundred people detained by security services. During the demonstrations, the Bassij used live rounds and shot indiscriminately at unarmed protesters. In Ahwaz City, protests were reported in the districts of Siah, Zwiehe, Hamidiya, Aziziyah, Qadisiya and other districts. Al-Arabiya reported that four killed by security forces and 150, including 30 women five of whom are pregnant, were arrested in the days before the protests. Control of information was strict as the Ahwazi region was put under a state of emergency. Human rights observers were prevented from flying from Tehran to Bushehr travel to Ahwaz City to watch the protests. Electricity and water supplies were cut to some Arab neighborhoods in Ahwaz City and internet and mobile phone communication was difficult if not impossible. In order to deflect attention from the Ahwazi "Day of Rage", the regime staged protests against the Bahraini royal family, bringing in people from outside Ahwaz City. The media and communications blackout has largely been successful in preventing dissemination of news on the Ahwazi protests and the regime's response. The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization has condemned the killings and arrests in a statement.

UN says 34 killed in Iraqi army raid on Iranian exiles at Camp Ashraf

The Washington Post reported April 14, that an Iraqi army raid last week on Camp Ashraf left 34 Iranian exiles dead, according to a U.N. spokesman who on Thursday offered the first independent death toll for the attack that drew sharp rebukes from Baghdad’s Western allies. The April 8 raid targeted the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, which seeks to overthrow Iran’s clerical leaders. According to news coming out of Ashraf, the 6 hostages are back in Ashraf. Also number of wounded who were transferred to Iraqi hospital died as a result of their injuries. Camp Ashraf residents received their bodies on Sat. The unarmed residents of camp Ashraf defended their camp only with their bodies.