Sunday, April 24, 2011


According to a statement by National Council of Resistance of Iran, on Friday April 22, two weeks after the attack and massacre of the Camp Ashraf residents, the Iraqi forces prevented medicine and medical equipment which were obtained through hard efforts and at a high cost by the residents from entering the camp. The medical equipment and drugs are vital in treating the injured of the April 8 attack. Particularly after two years of medical siege the residents are deprived of the minimum equipments. NCRI added: The aim of the clerical regime and its Iraqi agents is to pressure and torture the injured. Of the 346 residents who were injured on the April 8 attack, 225 were wounded by bullets and grenades shrapnel and are in desperate need of drugs. NCRI said in another statement that Bahman Atighi, 38 year old member of PMOI who was wounded during the April 8 attack, passed away in Baquba Hospital on Friday after 16 days of agony due to being denied medical care, bringing the total of dead to 35. Bahman Atighi, who joined the PMOI in Ashraf 14 years ago, was shot in his back and vertebra causing incision of spinal cord. His condition deteriorated in the hospital because of not receiving medical care causing acute infection in his gunshot wound area. NCRI said: Maliki is twice accountable for the murder of Bahman Atighi; both for the savage attack on April 8 and for preventing his treatment.


“Iran in Context: Regional and Global Implications” conference is set to begin on May 5th 2011 in Ottawa. This conference is sponsored by the CSIS and Canadian National Defence which has been faced protest in Canada. One of the speakers Trita Parsi is a well known Iranian regime’s Lobyist in United States and is the founder of National Iranian-Amercian Council or NIAC for short. National post published an article written by Kenneth R. Timmerman and Sayeh Hassan on Friday opposing the presence of Trita Parsi in the conference. This article writes: “We call on the Canadian Government and CSIS to be consistent: either they should withdraw their support from this May conference, or they should demand that the organizers disinvite the regime apologist, Trita Parsi. Canadian tax dollars should not be used to pay for a conference that features an individual who promotes an accommodationist line toward Tehran. Such policies not only threaten the security of Iranians, but of Canadians as well.” The Iranian community in Ottawa while outraged is planning a demonstration in front of the Delta Hotel 101 Lyon Street on May 5th.