Sunday, July 31, 2011


5 political prisoners are under pressure for writing to UN’s special rapporteur on Human rights in Iran
According to Harana political prisoners in solitary confinement: Behrooz Javid Tehrani  who’s been in prison since the student uprising in 1999, Saleh Koahndel, Farzad Maddadzadeh, Mohamad Ali Mansouri and Afshin Baymani are under interrogations from the Intelligence ministry for writing to Ahmad Shahid, UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Iran. Harana added that Baymani is on hunger strike ever since his transfer to the solitary confinement. 

Construction of five new prisons this year in Iran
According to Edalat on July 25, as the widespread arrests and repression by the dictatorship of the Iranian regime continues,  Pasdar Kowsari, vice-president of the security commission in the reactionary parliament (Iranian parliament), has announced construction of five new prisons in Tehran and other cities in the current year. A few days ago, Ismaili, head of the prisons and torture chambers, acknowledged the pitiable condition of health and Cholera outbreak, and over Populated prisons. He said that the number of prisoners is three times the current capacity of prisons.

More than 346000 related satellite equipment were confiscated in Iran
According to state media Mehr news agency, Hossein Ghassem Loui said that more than 130,000 satellite dishes, more than 2000 receivers, more than 2000 switchers and 5000 different satellite equipments were confiscated and 20 importers and installers were arrested. He warned those who import or sell satellite equipments and asked the people to cooperate with the authorities.

Official Child Labourers More Than 600,000 in Iran
 According to a report by Mehr News Agency, official statistics show that there are 380,000 children between the ages of 10 and 14 working throughout the year in Iran. Additionally, there are about 360,000 children working seasonally. Poverty, poor economy, insufficient economic growth and improper distribution of wealth are believed to be the main reasons causing such disturbing social phenomenon as child labour. In addition to the fact that various occupations requiring hard manual labour harm children psychologically and physically, since laws prohibit employers from hiring minors for such occupations, children are not protected by labour regulations or given any social benefits. While the official child labour statistics are published, there are thousands of children who work in black markets illegally.