Monday, August 08, 2011


Iranian regime brings ‘water fighters’ to confess on TV
According to Aftab, state-run website dated Aug. 3rd, the news segment of the 8:30pm [program] of the Sima [Iranian state TV] showed a number of the girls and boys who were arrested during the water fight episode in the Ab and Atash Park. They were shown facing a wall and their faces could not be seen. These people made short statements such the fact that they made their plans in Facebook to come to this park and talked about these issues. The head of the Moral Security Police, Rouzbehani, also said in an interview with the Seda and Sima reporter that these people were norm breakers and that with the coordination of the Judiciary they were severely dealt with! 

Tehran Bazaar textile vendors announced strike will continue

Tehran’s Bazaar textile vendors announced their strike will continue until all of their demands are met. These vendors went on strike on Monday, August 1st by closing their stores in protest to a 4% increase in taxes. One textile vendor said agents from the government and tax department came and said you are English and will cause dissension among the public and must end your strike. However, the 1,500 textile vendors remained united and said they will continue their strike until all their demands are met.


UN special rapporteur : Iran must observe basic human rights
In a statement, published on official UN high commissioner for human rights on August 3, Ahmad Shahid to formally introduce myself and my plans to Iranian officials to investigate human rights violation in Iran. He added in his statement: I hope the Iranian authorities acknowledge the legitimacy of my mission, and take steps to comply with the International human rights rules and regulations. This would provide an opportunity to examine international concern on human rights in Iran.  Ahmad Shahid, a former foreign minister of Maldives, emphasized: All the efforts are to show the steps that the Iranian regime could take to meet its international obligations, so that  attentions can be focused on those who feel were victims of human rights violation. The Iranian regime’s Parliament has stated that Mr. Shahid is not allowed in Iran.

Iranian military and Lebanese Hezbollah members participated in execution of Syrian soldiers
Al Jazeera TV reported on Aug. 5th that in a report scheduled to be released at the end of the month, Experts from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights have announced that Iranian military and Lebanese Hezbollah members participated in execution of Syrian soldiers who refrain from shooting towards the protesters. This will be the first time that an institution affiliated with the United Nations clearly accuses Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon, two main ally of Assad’s regime, of involvement in the crackdown on protesters in Syria. On the other hand, following the brutal repression by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the White House reacted against this regime for the second consecutive day and announced: Bashar Assad is in route to go and we should think about the days after Assad.