Sunday, August 18, 2013


Public protests in Zanjan- Iran
On Sunday, August 11th, people of Zanjan staged a demonstration in front of the governorate of the city protesting against pollution caused by the Lead and Zink factories and their residues which is threatening their health and blocked the street leading to it. The protestors called to halt these factories.
Again on Thursday Aug. 15 the people gathered in Zanjan to continue their protest but were faced with security forces and plain clothes agents who reportedly were taking photo and films of the protesters. Reports indicates that several people were arrested. The people of Zanjan have wowed to continue their protest until the factories are shut down.  

Iran: Mass execution of six prisoners in Ahwaz
On Wednesday morning, August 14, the Iranian regime executed six prisoners in Karoon prison of Ahwaz. They had been arrested a year and half ago according to Isna. Henchmen post the slogan “Punishment is continuation of life” on gallows where the condemned are hanged.
Also one month ago, mullahs’ judiciary confirmed execution sentences for four young Arab compatriot prisoners in Karoon prison for “Moharebeh or (war against God) and corruption on earth”. These prisoners joined the long line of those condemned to and awaiting execution. They had been placed under torture for a long time to extract forcible confessions from them.
Meanwhile, a number of prisoners condemned to death in Gohardasht prison have been transferred to Ghezel Hessar.

Iran: Factions feud over Rouhani’s cabinet
Iranian resistance said on Aug. 15 that evaluation of Hassan Rouhani’s proposed ministers for the mullah’s government started on Monday, only to be interrupted by furious arguments between the two main ruling factions.
Rouhani’s cabinet includes 18 ministers, all of whom must be approved by the parliament. There was scolding and shouting in the parliament sessions over a few ministers who are famous for being close to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the influential head of the Expedience Council. Rafsanjani was the regime’s President from 1989 to 1997.
The Majlis did not approved 3 of Rohani's to be cabinet ministers. They are: Najafi, Minister of education- Jafar Meyli Monfared, Science Minister and Soltani far sports Minister. Through an evaluation they were accused of participating in conspiracy referring to 2009 uprising in Iran.

Iran’s new Defense minister: Hezbollah chief who planned 1983 Marine barracks attack
The Washington Times, reported on Aug. 13 that new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has picked his defense minister: A former militia commander who plotted the 1983 the U.S. Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, killing 241 U.S. personnel.
Hossein Dehghan is currently the chairman of the political, defense, and security committee of the Expediency Council, a powerful group of advisors around
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to the Tehran Times, which describes itself as the “voice” of the Iranian Islamic revolution.
The nomination, like that of all
Iran’s new cabinet, must be approved by the parliament or Majlis.
Dehghan joined the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) in 1979 at the age 22 and until 1982 was the militia’s commander in
Tehran. He then was sent to Lebanon to help establish a military wing for Hezb’Allah, the Iranian regime's-backed Shi’ite political movement.
The following year he was appointed the commander of IRGC forces in