Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Radio Irava with Shahabe Barooti from Camp Liberty about her mother who was abducted by Iraqi forces on Sep. 1, 2013

Sunday Sep. 8, 2013:
Miss. Shahabe Barooti from Camp Liberty in Iraq whose mother Mahnaz Azizi has been taken hostage along 6 others after the Sep. 1, 2013  attack on Camp Ashraf where 52 members of the Iranian resistance were massacred. The Iranian residents of Camp Liberty have started their hunger strike since the brutal attack last Sunday sep. 1st. Camp Ashraf has been the base for the Mojahedin Khalgh MEK or PMOI for 27 years. They have vowed to topple the Iranian regime. Camp Ashraf residents accepted disarmament in 2003 in order to get protection from US but when US left Iraq in 2010, the security was transferred to Iraqi government which is under the control of the Iranian regime. To date 5 attacks have been carried out on residents of both Camps Ashraf and Liberty with many casualties. In 2012 Martin Kobler, UN's representative in Iraq at the time, tricked the residents and relocated them to Liberty in order to be transferred to third countries. On Sunday Sep. 1, 2013, 100 remaining residents of Ashraf who were there to protect their properties were attacked by Iraqi Swat teams. Published pictures shows bodies of victim with their hands tied and shot from close range. I am joined by Shahabe Barooti from Liberty.

This is Radio Irava's interview with Shahabe Barooti: