Monday, September 02, 2013



Iranian residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq came under attack last night
100 Iranian refugees at Camp Ashraf were ambushed and fired at by live ammunition by the Iraqi forces. According to Iranian resistance the order was to kill and take hostages. It's important to note that the residents have no weapons of any kind and are protected persons under the 4th Geneva conventions.
 The numbers of dead and injured are estimated more than half of the population of
Camp Ashraf. The United States and the United Nations had ensured their safety and security in a mutual 4 sided agreement. Despite warnings by the Iranian resistance nothing was done to prevent this. Mrs Rajavi the president-elect of National Council of Resistance of Iran called on UN and US to stop the massacre in Camp Ashraf. Based on NCRI's information, several battalions were involved in this attack, which one of them belongs to the 36 battalion. 
According to NCRI's sources from inside Iran, the attack on Camp Ashraf has been carried out by the order of Khamenei, Iranian regime's supreme leader and  Qasem Soleimani issued this order on his trip to Baghdad on Tuesday August 27 directly to Maliki and Faleh Fayyadh. In this attack at least 5 PMOI members were gunned down while their hands were tied to their backs. There are several people missing or captured including 5 women. Today in front of the US embassy here in Ottawa a group of Iranian- Canadians and family members of Ashraf residents gathered to protest against Barak Obama's inactions and UN in this matter.

On August 26, the Iranian regime collectively hanged five prisoners. Additionally, on August 19 and 22, in six other rounds of collective executions, 26 prisoners were executed in cities of Arak, Urumiyeh, Karaj and Mashhad. Moreover, in recent days, one prisoner in Isfahan and 3 in Ahwaz have been hanged.
Meanwhile, there was a recent report revealing execution of 3 prisoners on August 15 in the newly built prison called The Greater Tehran Prison situated on
Hassan-abad Rd. to Qom. Elements of the judiciary are stationed in this prison and prisoners are tried in the prison itself.
Therefore the number of executions after regime's presidential elections reaches at least 143 with 40 taking place after Rouhani has assumed power.
In another news on Tuesday, August 27, Rouhani’s government turned down a request by Ahmed Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on violation of human rights in
Iran, to visit the country. Foreign ministry spokesman said that “he is not impartial”. In the past two years that Ahmed Shaheed has been designated as Special Rapporteur on violation of human rights in Iran, the ruling regime has not allowed Shaheed to visit Iran and have described his reports as “allegations without foundation” and his resources as “terrorists and anti-revolutionaries”.

According to published reports, a 23-year old woman fed up with the Iranian regime's misogynist policies, committed suicide by setting herself on fire in public in the Justice Avenue of the city of Noshahr in Mazandaran Province located in northern Iran.
She committed suicide on Tuesday, August 27th, after pouring highly inflammable thinner liquid on herself before the pedestrians.

Syrian crisis not resolved
After the rejection by the UK MPs, the fever of military attack on Syria has died down. Even though president Obama has said that he can make the call to attack Bashar Assad but has added that he preferres consulting the congress first. This is when another Chemical bomb has been dropped. This time on a School. More than 2 years a go Syrian people rose against their dictator but in the vaccume created by US, Iranian regime and Fundamentalists quickly filled the void, preventing Bashar Assad's regime from falling. According to reports everyday weapons by airplanes are transferred to Syria from Iran, and elsewhere to feed Bashar Assad's killing machine not to mention millions and millions of dollars from the Iranian regime.