Monday, November 04, 2013


Loud Protests as Obama Hosts Iraqi Leader
The Wall Street Journal, reported  Nov.1 that More than 1,000 demonstrators marched in front of the White House Friday to protest President Barack Obama’s meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The Iraqi leader was meeting Mr. Obama to cap a visit to Washington, where he was seeking approval for new military equipment and other aid. However, Mr. Maliki is unpopular among many Iranian dissidents in the U.S. and elsewhere who hold him responsible for attacks against camps in Iraq that house Iranian exiles, including one in September that killed dozens. The Maliki government has denied any responsibility for the attack. During the White House visit, former U.S. legislators joined in demands that Mr. Maliki be held accountable and that his forces release seven people abducted during the September attack.
The protesters and their supporters waved flags and toted signs reading “Maliki = Dictator” and “Stop Violating Human Rights.” Protesters also urged Mr. Obama to keep U.S. promises to ensure the safety of Iranian dissidents in the region.
“This is a matter of American honour at stake,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, appearing in support of the dissidents, told the Journal. “If Maliki is not prepared to be an honest partner, then there’s no reason for the United States to prop him up—if in fact he’s going to be an Iranian agent.” Prominent U.S. dignitaries, including Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate (2012); Tom Ridge, First Secretary of Homeland Security; Senator Robert Torricelli (1997-2003); Patrick Kennedy, Congressman (1995-2011); and Col. Wesley Martin, former Senior Anti-terrorism Force Protection Officer for Coalition Forces in Iraq and U.S. commander for protection of Ashraf; were speakers at the rally. Video message of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance stationed in Paris, was broadcasted during the protest rally.
She said by teleconference that Mr. Obama “bear[s] a greater amount of responsibility” for the fate of the refugees following his meeting with Mr. Maliki.
Inside the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Maliki faced questions from the senators and left the meeting angery. Maliki did not finish his trip in US and left early urgently. The political pondits are saying that the pressure from both US Democrats and Republicans on Maliki was the reason for returning to Iraq early. On his last day he was supposed to meet with the Iraqi community in US which he didn't want to risk more questions and protests.

Since Saturday morning, November 2, political prisoners in hall 12, ward 4, of Gohardasht prison have gone on hunger strike to protest transmission of noise waves in prison.
It's been a long time that the Iranian regime is transmitting noise waves inside Gohardasht prison, especially in areas dedicated to political prisoners. This measure has severely endangered their health where they are suffering from dryness of mucus, muscle pains, severe headaches, blurring, nausea and constant loss of sensation.
In addition to other pressures, restrictions and suppressive measures in prison, noise transmission which also causes cancer has turned the prison into a place for gradual death zone for prisoners.
As acknowledged by the regime’s head of Prisons Organization, the official capacity of Gohardasht prison is 5,000 inmates, but presently there are 22,000 prisoners piled up in this prison. Scarcity of space is such that prisoners even have no place to sit while lying down is in shifts and prisoners have to use restrooms to rest.
Sanitary condition is horrendous; polluted water and lack of minimum facilities to take shower has caused an outbreak of contagious and dermal diseases amongst prisoners.

Hunger strike in Camp Liberty entered its 3rd month. Hundreds of people in Liberty, London, Geneva, Ottawa, Melbourne and Berlin began their hunger strike after the Sept. 1, deadly attack by the Iraqi forces to Camp Ashraf which left 52 people dead. The Iraqi forces took 7 people including 6 women hostage. In Ottawa on the 60th day of hunger strike in Ottawa, a woman was taken to hospital for the 3rd time. Despite loss of weight and enduring pain, fluctuated blood pressure and kidney pain, the hunger strikers are determine to continue with their protest until the release of the 7 hostages.

Over 2,500 people form new human chain in city of Ahvaz
According to INTV Iran's resistance television Nov. 2nd, over 2,500 people in the south western Iranian city of Ahvaz rallied on Friday based on a previous calls and formed a human chain. This rally was staged protesting the rerouting of Karoon River waters by the Iranian regime, with people gathering in a road adjacent to the central library in the city of Ahvaz.

Iranian resistance reported according to reports form inside the regime 2 more prisoners have been hanged in Iran - bringing the number of executions under Hassan Rouhani's  to more than 300.
The regime executed 13 inmates in the prisons of Urumieh (northwest Iran) and Gohardasht in Karaj, west of Tehran on the last days of Oct. 2 women, were among the victims in mass executions in Urumieh Prison. 2 other inmates in Karaj’s Gohardasht Prison were executed. One of the victims was Ms. Mitra Shahnavazi, who had been in prison for 11 years. Mitra was seriously ill at the time of her execution. A police officer was killed by Mitra during a sexual assault by the police officer. The Iranian regime does not recognize women's self defence during a sexual assault and treats it as homicide.