Monday, November 11, 2013

Radio Irava's Exclusive interview with a former hostage and the Camp Liberty resident


Mr. Ibrahim Komari, Mechanical Engineer, graduated in England, residing in Camp Liberty in Iraq and a former Iranian hostage. Ibrahim was captured in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi army along with 35 other Ashraf residents in 2009. He was in different prisons and in solitary confinement for 72 days of hunger strike which turned into a dry hunger strike. Camp Ashraf residents are the members of the Iranian opposition, who are fighting for the freedom of the Iranian people. In Aug. of 2009 a world wide protest and hunger strike in Canada and around the world was formed to free the 36 hostages. As you know during the Sept. 1, 2013 attack by the Iraqi forces on unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf 52 people were killed and 7, including 6 women were taken hostage. Ibrahim talks about his experience as a hostage in the hands of Maliki's forces.