Monday, December 30, 2013


According to news outlets around the world, on Thursday Dec. 26 or Boxing Day, the Iranian residents of Camp Liberty were attacked by tens of rockets killing 3 and wounding more than 70 people. Camp Liberty residents are the members of the Iranian resistance who have vowed to topple the Iranian regime. Just a few months ago on Sept. 1, the remaining residents in Camp Ashraf were attacked by the Iraqi hit men who killed 52 people kidnapped 7 including 6 women and a man. The Iranian resistance has said in its statement on Dec. 26 that  Iranian regime's official news agency (IRNA) reported from Baghdad on Wednesday, December 25, quoting an Iraqi “knowledgeable official” that the body of Mohammad Ratebi, one of the seven hostages abducted in Ashraf on September 1, is in Baghdad and in the hands of Government of Iraq and among other victims. This is while a senior State Department official, declared in a hearing at the House Middle East Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs Committee on November 13 that “We can’t pinpoint where the people are... the 7 people, they are not in Iraq.”
Hundreds of Iranians in Camp Liberty, Switzerland, England, USA, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and Canada participated in a global act of solidarity with Hunger Strike which lasted 108 days in order to save the 7 hostages. The Dec. 26 missile attack on Liberty was the 4th such attacks on the unarmed residents. The US State Department, UN special representative in Iraq, UNHCR, Canada's foreign affairs, France, European Union, Italy's foreign affair minister who visited Iran last week and was bowing to criminal Hassan Rohani, among others have strongly condemned the attack. The President-elect of Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi condemned the rocket attack against PMOI members as the ‘Christmas massacre in Liberty’.  She added: the terrorist rocket attack against Liberty was Maliki’s souvenir from his trip to Tehran to deliberately create a crisis to shadow the hostage taking and massive crime against humanity in Ashraf, which has become a huge embarrassment for Maliki following the wave of international condemnations, the 108-day global hunger strike and Maliki’s security advisor falling into the trap of the Spanish National Court. Also a group of political prisoners in Gohardasht Karaj prison in Iran in a statement have condemned the 4th missile attack on Liberty residents. On a related news, Judge Ted Poe, Chairman of US House of Representatives Sub-committee on Terrorism and Non-Proliferation, issued a statement calling for suspending US aid to the Iraqi government.
This statement reads in part, this is not a coincidence that the
Liberty attack takes place a short while after Maliki’s visit to Iran. To this day Maliki has painfully made this clear he has no intention of protecting Liberty because this is the fourth rocket attack against this camp in 2013, he added. However, none of the criminals have been held accountable and the time has come for the US to suspend its aid to Maliki's government until the criminals behind these attacks are punished. 
Iranian-Canadians gather in front of the US embassy in Ottawa on Friday and Saturday demanding US to take action to protect the residents of Liberty.

Dire conditions of 6 political prisoners in Iran’s dungeons after 48th day of hunger strike
Six Kurdish political prisoners held in Ghezel Hesar Prison in the city of Karaj have been on hunger strike for almost 60 days now. Their physical conditions are reported as deteriorating daily and the  regime have prevented even minimum medical care for them. Jamshid and Jahangir Dehghani, Hamed Ahmadi, Sedigh Mohammadi, Kamal Molaei and Seyed Hadi Hosseini are on hunger strike demanding the revocation of their death sentences and their return to Gohardasht prison in Karaj. On Monday Dec. 30, 2013 after 56 days of hunger strike by the 6 Sonni Kurdish political prisoners, the Iranian regime has gave in and lift the death penalty for the 2 out of the 6 political prisoners on hunger strike.

Iranian regime arrests Sunni religious leader
The Iranian regime has arrested 4 followers of a senior Sunni religious leader, Molavi Fat’hi Mohammad Naghshbandi, imam of a Sunni mosque in the town of Rask in southern Iran, sentencing them to 15 years behind bars and exile in the city of Khalkhal. 4 other followers of this Sunni religious leader have been sentenced to death.

The Iranian regime judiciary lashed 3 men in public on Christmas morning in the city of Dehdasht in southern Iran. The 3 men each received 74 lashes for stealing. This is happening in a country that the heads of the government are stealing billions of dollars of the Iranian people's money on a daily basis.

Repression of Christians continues
The security forces in the province of Alborz, central Iran, raided and inspected residents of at least 4 Christian citizens.
This raid was done simultaneously on Sunday, December 15 at 4 residents. The agents confiscated some of their personal belongings such as books, computer and Christian materials.
Among the residents searched, was also the house of Pastor Behnam Irani, a member of presidential board of Iran’s churches, who is currently in a prison in Karaj
The security forces then announced that the Christians will soon be summoned to court. The Intelligence Ministry has also pressured a number of Armenian pastors who had connections with other Christians to either end their religious activities or leave the country in three months.