Sunday, January 05, 2014


More than two months of hunger strike by Iranian political prisoners
4 political prisoners in Iran's Qezel-Hesar prison, west of Tehran have ended their 63rd day of hunger strike while in critical condition today. Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molaie, Jamshid and Jahangir Dehghani are suffering from convulsion, dizziness and severe muscle pain, but the prison guards are ignoring their suffering and even prohibit other inmates from helping them. 

Another Victim of rocket attack on Iranian dissidents' in Camp Liberty in Iraq had died. Yahya Ziyarati 46 is the fourth PMOI member who lost his life due to the December 26 missile attack on the unarmed Camp Liberty in Iraq. The members of the People's Mojahedin Oraganization of Iran or PMOI were relocated from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty in order to be transferred to third countries more than 2 years a go. 3 other men were killed during the attack. The Iranian resistance had call on UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the European countries for the immediate transfer of Mr. Ziyarati. Yet he was sent back from Hospital to Iraqi clinic in Camp Liberty on Friday where he died.

Iranian regime backs Maliki’s killing of Iraqi tribes
Ahmad Khatami, deputy speaker of Iranian regime's Assembly of Experts, backed Maliki’s killing of the Iraqi people and said, “We say to the Iraqi government God is with you! Because you have fought against terrorists, and we call on the Iraqi government to tear them apart in order to establish peace in Iraq. Otherwise as long as they are present, Iraq will never see the likes of peace. The roots of all this lies in America. We don’t just chant mere words. The US wants the Islamic world to be insecure, and Saudi Arabia is US’ element in pursuing these plots.”
According to Iraqi satellite television channels, tribal forces in Fallujah have taken over a high way connecting Baghdad to Ramadi. A large number of Maliki forces have disobeyed orders to bomb and shell civilian in residential areas and have defected to the tribal forces.
Some 37 soldiers in Garmah area turned put down their weapons and joined the tribal forces. Mohammad Hussein, an Iraqi army colonel and 15 of his soldiers also surrendered to the tribes turning their weapons over to them.
On the other hand the al-Gharbiya satellite TV station aired a report citing an official at the Baghdad airport saying, “Iraq’s 53rd Brigade along with a unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force has entered the Baghdad International Airport. This source stipulated they have stationed Russian built heat-seeking missiles at the site. These are the same missiles that Hezbollah is using in Syria. This source says Tehran has directly and blatantly entered the war in Iraq’s al-Anbar Province.”
According to Iraqi satellite TV station reports, Fallujah tribes arrested a number of Iranian regime forces. These sources say the passports of those arrested near Fallujah show they are forces of the Iranian regime. One of these men showed documents to the camera and said, “Look closely at this passport that is Iranian. The truck drivers are Iranian. Their passports are Iranian. In the top section is written Islamic Republic of Iran. Notice that we are fighting against the Iranian regime. To the people of al-Anbar, notice that we are fighting against the Iranian regime…”
Reports show tribal forces in the Fallujah area set ablaze a Maliki military convoy consisting of 8 vehicles, forcing the remaining vehicles to retreat due to the stiff resistance. Furthermore, they controlled the international road and are not allowing military convoys enter Fallujah or reach Ramadi.

Iranian missiles moved to Lebanon by Hezbollah
The New York Times Today and the Wall Street Journal reported that the US and Israeli officials say the militant group Hezbollah has been moving long range missiles from war torn Syria into the neighbouring Lebanon. The officials believe the Hezbollah is trying to avoid an Israeli military strike inside Syria which would destroy the weapons.
Eric Schmidt, the co-author of this article in the New York Times today said: The Israelis have been watching this very closely and are very concern about the impact these various missiles could have on their security. Hezbollah is taking different tactic. They are trying to move these missile systems piece by piece basically to slip them under the radar of the Israeli surveillance and bring them in to
Lebanon where they can be assembled.
Eric Schmidt added: These weapons come from
Iran into Syria. Some are for the Syrian presid ent Assad. But some by the consent of the Iranian regime are destined for Lebanon and to reach Hezbollah.

US withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake
Former US civil administrator for Iraq Paul Bremer on Maliki’s policies said our withdrawal was a very dangerous decision made by the president, adding it has been proven to be a mistake. We have lost our lever of power, and Maliki has fundamentally taken advantage of this opportunity to sideline Sunni politicians, he added.
He arrested an Iraqi MP this week and simultaneously there has been a military, and thus a political setback in
Iraq, Bremer finalized.