Tuesday, March 25, 2014


According to CBC an Ontario judge has ordered the seizure of more than $7 million worth of bank accounts and property belonging to the Iranian regime in Canada, in a historic ruling that will turn over the assets to victims of militant groups that it bankrolled.
The decision represents a groundbreaking victory for likely an array of litigants ranging from the families of two Americans who were held hostage in Beirut to a B.C. dentist who was badly burned in a 1997 Jerusalem suicide bombing.
Judge Brown's ruling marks what is believed to be the first time in Canada that victims will collect damages from a foreign state over its support for extremist groups.
The case dates back to the Lebanon hostage crisis of the 1980s, when Hezbollah and its allies kidnapped dozens of Westerners in the Mideast country.
The judgment also seizes offices at 290 Sheppard Ave. W. in Toronto, valued at $1.1 million for tax purposes, and at 2 Robinson Ave. in Ottawa, assessed at $3.9 million. Both sites operated as ostensible Iranian cultural centers.
The Toronto address was owned by an Ontario corporation called Farhangeiran Inc., of which the sole director is Fazel Larijani, a member of a powerful Iranian family who counts among his brothers the Speaker of the Iranian regime's parliament and the country's chief justice. The 5.7-acre Ottawa property was owned by an entity called the Mobin Foundation.

 In 1999 by the joint efforts of : Concerned Members of the Iranian Community in Ottawa and Radio Irava the Iranian regime's so called cultural center here in Ottawa was exposed. The story was picked up by Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen. After that the Iranian regime could not use this center to recruit Iranians for their evil plans. In the midst of an investigative report by Ottawa Sun, the name of Akbar Manoussi came up who had received millions of dollars to establish this center in Ottawa. In 2008 the same group
and Radio Irava exposed Akbar Manoussi once again when he became a candidate for Canada's Green Party. Ms. Elizabeth May in response to our email called Manoussi as an asset to her party but other members due to Manoussi's relations with the Iranian regime expelled him from the Green Party.
In another news on March 18, 2014, ZIBA or Zahra Kazemi's case against the Iranian regime, its supreme leader Ali Khamenei and  Saeed Mortazavi Chief Public Prosecutor for Tehran and Mohammad Bakhshi, Deputy Chief of Intelligence for Evin Prison, was presented in front of 9 judges at the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA in Ottawa. Ziba Kazemi was an Iranian-Canadian photo journalist who was killed under torture in 2003 in Iran while taking pictures of the protest of the political prisoners families in front of Evin priosn. Her body never returned to Canada and was rushed to burry in order to hide the evidence of torture and rape. Dr. Shahram Azam who fled Iran testified that while he examined Ms. Kazemi he saw evidence of torture, broke bones and sexual assault. Her son Stephen Hasheme has been trying to return his mother's body back to Canada and bring those who murdered her to justice ever since.

Iran: 3 Sunni Iranians Kurds on hunger strike in western city prison
Three Iranian ‘Ahl Haq’ political prisoners in Diesel Abad Prison in the city of Kermanshah have gone on hunger strike. These three political prisoners include Mohsen Khodayari, Kinaoush Rostami and Nemat Fat’hi and they have been on hunger strike since March 17th.
They've been condemned to 40 years in prison on charges of acting against state security.