Monday, April 07, 2014


 "Don’t permit new Iran envoy to UN into US"
Twenty nine American Senators issued a letter to US President Barack Obama calling on him to not allow Iranian regime's new UN envoy Hamid Abutalebi enter US soil. The senators wrote that the US government must not provide visa to an individual that has participated in terrorist acts against the US and its citizens.
Hamid Abutalebi, has been appointed by Hassan Rouhani as the Iranian regime’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He has a long record of cooperation with the revolutionary guards’ intelligence, as well as with other intelligence services of the regime, and based on investigations by the Italian Judicial Police and eye-witness accounts, he coordinated the assassination of Mohammad-hossein Naghdi, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in Italy, on March 16, 1993. Mohammad-hossein Naghdi, was
charge d’affaires in Rome (the Iranian government’s highest-ranking diplomat in Italy), who defected and joined the Resistance in March 1982 in protest to the executions, tortures and massacres by the regime.
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) on Thursday said the United States should deny a visa to Iran’s new ambassador to the United Nations. Ted Royce said on an interview that “under the State Department rules, we’re allowed to withhold the granting of a visa if there’s a security component to it. And the fact that this individual was involved in taking American hostages would allow us to use that rationale.
A number of lawmakers have voiced the same concern this week over Abutalebi, who was a member of a militant group that took 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran for 444 days.
On Tuesday, a group of House Republicans proposed legislation that would attempt to block Abutalebi from entering the U.S, similar to a bill introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) a day earlier.
Also a US diplomat taken hostage back in 1979 after the US Embassy takeover in Tehran says this is a shame to ally my colleagues who entered the most horrific episode of their lives, adding our families suffered with us at the time. Allowing these individuals into the UN is a shameful and unbelievable measure.

Iran’s armed forces chief furious over EP resolution
Hassan Firuzabadi, head of Iran’s armed forces, described the new European Parliament resolution on Iran as hideous.
“With its mistakes and crimes committed in
Ukraine, Europe has once again repeated its miscalculations,” Firuzabadi says.
The EU adopted a resolution on Thursday April 3rd that says EU should exploit the current window of opportunity of nuclear talks and internal developments in Iran, which favour both domestic reform and better EU-Iran relations.
It also calls on the EU to be more active in addressing the human rights situation and in supporting civil society in
Members of the European Parliaments say that once a comprehensive agreement is reached that guarantees that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful, the EU should gradually drop its nuclear-related sanctions.
If substantial progress is made in talks on the nuclear file, the Council should start devising a concept for bilateral EU-Iran relations, including a possible formal EU-Iran agreement.
MEPs have major concerns about the persistent systematic violation of fundamental rights, the high number of executions and the restrictions on freedom in
The country should release all jailed human rights defenders, political prisoners, trade unionists and those detained after the 2009 presidential elections, the resolution says. Iran’s Charter of Citizens` Rights must also comply with its international obligations, namely when it comes to non-discrimination, banning torture and ensuring individual and collective freedoms.
The EU should engage in an inclusive high-level human rights dialogue with Iran that would include the judiciary and security forces and the EU institutions must do more to empower and develop civil society within Iran, MEPs say.

Yemen Foreign Ministry demands Iran to stop its meddling
The government of Yemen demanded from the Iranian regime to stop its meddling in its internal affairs, Kuwait’s Al Seyassah daily reported on Thursday, April 3rd.
The Yemen Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling on
Iran to stop its meddling inside Yemeni affairs, emphasizing Sanaa is aware of its interests and denounces any interference by any party in its affairs.