Monday, October 06, 2014


Iran: an international call to save the life of Reyhaneh

An international call has been placed to save the life of Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26year old girl who is in immanent threat of execution in Iran. Reyhaneh is accused of killing a man in self-defence.
Friends and sympathizers are called to congregate today, Oct. 5th in front of the prison where she is being held. Participants are asked to bring a flower and a candle to place outside the prison wall to let Reyhaneh know that she is not alone. Rayhaneh has been in prison since 7 years ago for defending her honour. The man who attempted to rape Rayhaneh is being said to have been an Iranian regime's intelligent agents. The Iranian regime tried to get a forced confession out of Reyhaneh by torturing her in prison. The Iranian regime's law allows the families of victims to get involved emotionally and forgive the accused if they wish. This makes it harder to prove one's innocence.  

The Iranian Canadians in their weekly protest in front of US embassy here in Ottawa protested the execution verdict of Reyhaneh Jabbari and the political prisoner Ayatollah Broujerdi who does not believe in the Velayat-e Faghi system that the mullahs have currently in Iran.


Iran: the extension of Ms. Negar Haeri’s detention

Iranian regime's judicial officials have again extended the period of detention of Ms. Negar Haeri, relative of MEK(Mojahedin-e Khalgh or PMOI) members in Liberty Camp. She is now being held at Varamin prison where she has been spending for the last 4 months. The judiciary keeps extending her detention period instead of setting up a court date which is said to have severe psychological effect on the political prisoners.
Prison henchmen have recently raided her prison cell messing up the place while acting very inhumanly and rudely. 

Council of Europe members declaration calls for democracy in Iran to overcome extremism

Declaration No. 583 supports human rights, democracy and gender equality in Iran in order to overcome extremism, evict Iran's theocracy from meddling in Iraq, Syria and the region. Over 1000 were hanged in one year under 'moderate president Rouhani. Religious dictatorship in Iran is the epicentre of terrorism.
We believe that this is so because we see that since 2009, 137 defenceless Camp Liberty residents have been killed in six deadly attacks by Iraq’s government at the behest of Iranian regime
Council of Europe members call on the new Iraqi Prime Minister AI-Ebadi to immediately announce Camp Liberty as a refugee camp under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) supervision, to end the siege completely, to guarantee safety, security and the rights of the residents in accordance with international laws.

Iran: 500 sugarcane factory workers on strike

- more than 500 workers at Haft-Tappeh sugarcane factory in the southern province of Khuzestan have gone on strike protesting low wages.
The striking workers say government’s new plan to categorize jobs and salaries has deepens the rift among workers, employees, caretakers and managers. The rift amounts to more than $200 a month.

-A group of street venders stationed at Haft-Tir sq. protested on Wednesday against the vicious raid by the police who had come to stop their business. They lied down the road preventing the flow of traffic.