Sunday, October 12, 2014


Iran: political prisoner on hunger strike

Political prisoner, Mashallah Haeri who has relatives at MEK’s Camp Liberty and one of his daughters is also being kept in Varamin prison, started a hunger strike on Friday Oct. 10. Mr. Haeri’s daughter, Negar has been in jail since June without officially being charged and without receiving needed medical care only to put pressure on her father. 
Mashallah Haeri has time and again been transferred to hospital unconscious due to bleeding ear and nose. But the prison guards have returned him back to his cell before his treatment completed. The doctors say his condition is very critical.

Iran: parliament speaker expresses concern over ’no fly zone’

Ali Larijani, the head of Iranian regime's Majlis(Parliament) expressed deep concern over the possible no fly zone over Syria. His comments quoted by regime's semi-news agency ISNA came during a trip to Isfahan, central Iran. He said 'it isn’t that any coalition can decide on its own and create a no fly zone in the airspace of another country. This is a kind of anarchy in international law and in actuality it cannot be implemented easily. 
As the Kurdish fighters are fending for their town Kobani against ISIS the coalition has offered no help. Although the Turkish troops are ready to face the ISIS but it's not ready to engage in ground attack against ISIS until the overthrown of Assad regime is part of the Coalition's agenda.

Iran: a security police general and two other colonels are killed in airplane crash

According to Accociated Press Oct. 11, sn Iranian police airplane flying to the country’s southeast crashed late Saturday, killing all seven people aboard, including a top police officer, the country’s official news agency reported. The propeller Turbo Commander airplane crashed in the mountains outside of the provincial capital of Zahedan and searchers later found the wreckage, IRNA reported. The agency said the flight carried four passengers and three crew members. Among those killed was Gen. Mahmoud Sadeqi, a senior police officer in charge of investigations, IRNA reported. They were going to investigate the recent attacks by armed assailants in Saravan IRNA added. There's no report on cause of the crash.

22 Facebook users arrested in Iran's latest Internet crackdown

Iranian regime's security forces have arrested 22 Facebook users as part of the regime’s ongoing crackdown on social networking sites.
They are the latest among scores of Internet users who have been arrested in
Iran this year.
Colonel Shaaban Torknia said: “In coordination with the judicial authorities, we will deal with individuals who are in contact with foreign networks.'
In July, eight Facebook users were sentenced to a combined 127 years in prison for propaganda, insults against state officials and acting against national security. Two of them were sentenced to 50 lashes plus long jail terms. At the end of May, eight people received a combined 123 years in jail for insulting the country’s supreme leader on Facebook.
In late September, eleven people were arrested in
Iran for posting ’jokes’ about the regime’s founder Ruhollah Khomenei on social networking sites.
The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps Commander Esmaeel Mohebipour said the individuals had published comments insulting Khomeini on WhatsApp, Viber, Tango and Telegram.
Mohebipour said the detainees had ’confessed to their wrong-doings’, adding: 'They have become the stooges of the intelligence services.'
Last month,
Iran’s Prosecutor General Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei issued a one-month ultimatum for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to ban the applications WhatsApp, Viber and Tango.
Mohseni Ejei said the offensive comments under the guise of jokes about Khomeini had been widely circulated on the Viber, Tango and WhatsApp networks. Some of the jokes about Khomeini reflect common criticisms of him and the regime’s policies and hollow promises, including his pledge to provide free water and electricity.
One joke said ’Khomeini comes home and sees bills for water, electricity, and gas on the ground. He asks, ’Weren’t these free?’
The joke concludes: “Forgetfulness was one of Imam’s weaknesses.”

Iran: more strikes and protests in cities across the country

 -Workers at Naroon Fabric Company, the largest woman’s clothing producers in Tehran protested on Wednesday against 4 months of unpaid wages. They said they would not go back to work unless they wages are paid.

- Residents of Bahmaie, in Kohkiloyeh province demonstrated on Thursday to protest the constant and frustrating power cut in their city. Demonstration took place in front of the power company.

- Workers of
Ahwaz municipal, branch 7 demonstrated on Thursday outside city hall. They demanded to receive their unpaid wages. 

The Iranian-Canadians on their weekly protest in front of the US embassy here in Ottawa yesterday Oct.11 commemorated the World Day against execution holding banners and pictures of Reyhaneh Jabbari the 26 year old girl who's on death row for defending herself against her rapist and political prisoner Ayatollah Broujerdi who's been condemned to execution for his views on velat-e Faghih or the absolute rule that has been imposed on the Iranian people for the past 36 years. The Iranian-Canadians also demanded that the US and UN should intervene to break the siege of Iranian Camp Liberty in Iraq and free access of residents to fuel, food and medical services.

Canada will participate in air strike against ISIS. One by one, Conservative MPs in the House of Commons led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted last Tuesday to join the war in Iraq, passing a motion that clears the way for Canadian CF-18s to embark on air strikes in the Middle East. After two days of debate, the motion to launch a combat mission against the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant passed 157-134.
"We do not take this step lightly," Harper said in a statement following the vote. "It is imperative that we act with our allies to halt ISIL's spread in the region and reduce its capacity to launch terrorist attacks outside the region, including against Canada. "Our government has a duty to protect Canadians and to shoulder our burden in efforts to combat threats such as ISIL. We must do our part." Combat missions do not ordinarily require Commons approval, but Stephen Harper promised any combat mission, including air strikes, would be subject to a debate and a vote.

Iran: the head of the medical clinic in Evin prison is himself a torturer

According to the Iran News Agency, Majid Rezazadeh, the head of the Evin prison medical clinic is one of the main elements in torturing injured or ill prisoners who are brought for medical treatment and to alleviate their pains.
He was involved in further torturing prisoners from ward 350 after this ward was raided and prisoners beaten and injured by the prison henchmen.
Rezazadeh prevented prisoners to be transferred to other medical facilities for treatment and tied the prisoners to their beds by chains.

Malala and India’s Satyarthi won this year's noble peace prize

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to Malala, who survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, and to India’s Kailash Satyarthi, for championing children’s rights. Malala Yousafzai will travel to Canada later this month to become an honorary citizen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.