Sunday, November 23, 2014


An attempt by the security forces and plain clothes agents to harass youth and foreign tourists in a café restaurant in Niavaran district of Tehran on Wednesday led to clashes and protest by the people. When the agents encountered stiff resistance and protest, retreated and left the café and the people alone.

US lawmakers: Vienna talks should ‘prevent, not delay, a nuclear Iran

The goal of the ongoing nuclear negotiations with the Iranian regime should be “to prevent — not delay — a nuclear Iran”, Pennsylvania lawmakers have declared.
Representatives Patrick Meehan, Charlie Dent and Jim Gerlach were among the legislators who released a joint statement declaring: 'Iran lost its right to an independent nuclear program when it became the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and any nuclear power facilities in Iran should be controlled and operated by international observers.”
'A nuclear
Iran would set off an atomic arms race in the Middle East and further destabilize an already-dangerous region.”
Any deal reached between the international community and the Iranian regime at the November 24 deadline for negotiations should be brought to Congress, the statement said.
tomorrow the 24th of Nov. is the deadline set for the nuclear negotiations between the 5+1 powers and the Iranian regime. It added: 'The objective of any agreement should be to prevent — not delay — a nuclear Iran. The Obama administration should not accept any agreement that allows Iran to enrich uranium or plutonium, and Congress should have a say in any prospective deal.'
The statement comes as House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce and Ranking Member Eliot Engel also urged the West not to allow
Iran to achieve its aim of building a nuclear bomb.
Their statement released on Thursday said: 'We believe that any final agreement between the P5+1 and
Iran must foreclose any pathway for Iran to develop a nuclear weapons capability. It must include an effective, intrusive, and long-term verification mechanism that would give us ample warning of any attempt by Iran to break out. It must also require Iran to come clean on its past work to develop a bomb.'

Iran: Man hanged in public a day after UN condemns regime’s “high frequency of executions”

A day after the United Nations - General Assembly’s third committee adopted the UN’s 61st resolution condemning human rights abuses in Iran and urged the regime to stop the executions, a man was hanged in public in a northern city.
The prisoner identified as H. Mirjani, 32, was hanged in
Velayat Square in the city of Qaemshahr.
The execution that comes after the adoption of the resolution that expressed its 'deep concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights violations' in Iran, notably the “alarming high frequency of executions and increase of the carrying-out of the death penalty in the absence of internationally recognized safeguards, including public executions,” demonstrates the Iranian regime’s disregard for international concerns.
Since the start of Hassan Rouhani ’s presidency a year ago, the executions in
Iran have taken on an unprecedented scale with over 1000 executions.

Iran: letter signed by 19 Balouchi political prisoners in Zahedan to human rights organizations

In an open letter written to international human rights organizations, 19 Balouchi political prisoners in Zahedan Central prison, east of Iran called for assigning an investigator to Zahedan Central prison to visit the prisoners and see the brutal treatment of all political prisoners especially the Balouchies. Copies of this letter were also sent to the UNHCR, UN Secretary General, Amnesty International and the special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, Dr. Ahmad Shaheed.
The letter reads in part; 'We, the political prisoners in Zahedan central prison are suffering from harsh and intolerable conditions imposed on us. We ask the above international organizations to send human rights investigators to this prison to meet us in person and see the inhumane situation that we are forced to live in.
Therefore we are asking the UN Secretary General to promptly act on this request. 

Iran: paving the way for execution of Sunni political prisoners

In a premeditated scheme to pave the way for execution of Sunni opponent of regime and political prisoners in different prisons in Iran, the national state owned TV aired a series of program trying to portrait these prisoners as 'Mohareb' or 'enemies of God.'
Hamed Ahmadi’s father whose son is one of such prisoners called on international human rights organizations on Wednesday to condemn the preparation by the government agencies and other related organizations to facilitate the death sentence for his son and to prevent his execution.
He and other families of political prisoners pleaded the international conscious to take effective measures to stop this scheme being perpetrated by the dictatorship ruling