Monday, December 01, 2014


Iran: government militants stabbing female university students

According to media a number of Iranian regime backed Basij militants in the city of Jahrom, Fars province, southern Iran, stabbed 6 young women with knives. By adopting new tactics, the Bassij militants which take their orders from the highest religious authority in Iran- Ali Khamenei, stabbed and injured 6 young women, five of them university students.
This is at a time when the fear of popular unrest and protest regarding last month acid attacks has caused a lot of concern amongst the regime’s officials. A general feeling of unease in Jahrom has been reported following this heinous crime.
Yesterday in Ottawa a group of Iranian-Canadians during their weekly protest, condemned knife attack against Iranian women in Iran. They also demanded the medical siege imposed by the Iraqi forces on Iranian residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq to be lifted.

Iran tries to cover up the acid attack case

According to information leaked from inside the Iranian regime, Isfahan intelligence ministry branch has been involved in acid attacks against women perpetrated by Basij militants and encouraged through religious decree issued by some of the highest religious authorities in the country. The information also indicates that Supreme Leader Khamenei has issued a confidential decree to suspend investigations and prevent the spread of news about this heinous crime. The information leaked describes that Isfahan’s Revolutionary Guards commander, Gholam-Reza Soleimani, Isfahan’s Friday prayer Imam, Tabatabaie-Nejad and Isfahan Basij militant commander Mohsen Analouie with the cooperation of a group of Basij and Guards forces and Fatwa by some religious authorities have carried out these abhorrent attacks against innocent women under the pretext of 'bad-veiling'.
According to this information, Khamenei himself has ordered the suspension of investigations and the prevention of any publicity on the issue.

Iran: youth attacking a Basij outpost in Tehran suburb

Based on a report obtained by the Iranian resistance from inside Iran, a group of young residents of Shahr-e Ray, suburb of Tehran attacked a Basij militant base in their neighborhood. The angry youth were reacting to the constant harassment and suppressive interference by these Basij militants in their daily lives. Scores of equipment, banners and other propaganda kits in that base was destroyed and the windows were broken.
The Basij militants were collecting all these equipment to hold a week of exhibition to promote the cause of Basij which in fact is another tool in the hands of clerical dictatorship ruling
Iran to suppress people and especially women.


Iran: Kurdish pol. Prisoners ended their 9th day of hunger strike

29 Kurdish political Prisoners in Urumia prison, north western Iran, are continuing with their hunger strike. The strike started on Thursday Nov. 20th in Ward 12 of Urumia Central prison. Despite the critical conditions of a number of them, the prison authorities have refused to answer their needs and demands. These hunger striking prisoners have asked to be separated from common criminals. 

Iranian regime planning to execute another political prisoner

According to Iranian resistance, sources from inside the notorious Evin prison reveal that the Iranian regime is planning to somehow get rid of Ali Moezzi, a well-known political prisoner and a relative of an MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalgh) member without officially executing him. While the physicians have proscribed surgery for him due to his severe internal problems, the prison authorities are denying him medical treatment and have returned him back to the prison from hospital without going through with his treatment. The regime has also kept his family and specially his old mother in dark about his health. The intelligence officials working on Moezzi’s case have threatened a soldier, who is assisting his mother in the search for Ali, to exile to a faraway military outpost and to increase his service period if he leaks any information about Mr. Moezzi to his mother.
The extreme pressures and limitations imposed on Political Prisoner Ali Moezzi have caused alarm for his cellmates and his family.

Iran: After 6 years of imprisonment, a political prisoner has been sentenced to execution

The status of political prisoner Habibollah Latifi in captivity in Sanandaj Prison is still uncertain after 6 years of imprisonment.
In October 2007, Habib Latifi, then a student at a University in Ilam, capital of the majority Kurdish
province of Kurdistan, was arrested and imprisoned by Iranian authorities during an anti-government protest. The authorities accused him of belonging to a Kurdish armed separatist group and therefore an “enemy of God” in 2007. After 6 years in captivity, Habib Latifi could be hanged any day, and there has been no change in his status yet.
The Iranian authorities have kept this prisoner under the threat of execution to psychologically hurt him and other prisoners and to prevent any protest in the prisons, a general sense that is recently spreading inside prisons.

Iran: Young Christian woman harassed by the notorious Evin Prison Guards

A young Christian woman prisoner of conscious was treated cruelly upon returning to the Evin Prison in Tehran. Maryam Naghash-Zargaran, had been given permission to leave the Evin prison temporarily for medical reasons, but upon returning to the prison, she was searched in a most degrading and inhumane manor by women prison guards. She was told to undress completely in front of other prison guards and was searched in the most disgusting and insulting manor and was sexually harassed by the guards during the search which severely tormented her psychologically.
Her 4 day leave which ended on
Nov. 12th 2014 was the first time she was allowed to leave the prison during the 17-month-long incarceration.   

Iran: solidarity with women, victims of violence

Sattar Beheshti’s mother, Ms. Gohar Eshqi expresses solidarity with women to mark the 'Global day of NO to violence against women.' Gohar’s son, Sattar, an internet activist and blogger was killed under torture last year, according to public admission by his torturer and executioner. He was arrested for online activism and was charged with 'Moharebeh' (enmity with God).
Ms. Gohar is holding her son’s photo in one hand and the palm of the other hand reads: NO TO VIOLENCE against women.

Iran: Two executions in Qazvin

Two young prisoners were hanged at dawn of Nov. 26th in Qazvin prison.
Iranian regime has intensified its hanging machine following the failure in the nuclear talks in
Vienna to intimidate and create an atmosphere of fear to prevent unrest in the country.

Syria: more than 30 Iranian regime proxy militants killed in Daraa

According to al-Arabia television, dozens of Iranian regime militants and its Lebanese proxies have been killed in fighting with the moderate Syrian rebels in Daraa. A military source said that Free Syrian Army, FSA, fighters have killed more than 30 Iranian militants and other foreign fighters linked to the Iranian regime during recent fighting in Daraa. According to the same source the bodies are still on the ground and Assad regime has not been able to collect the bodies due to heavy fighting.