Sunday, December 07, 2014

Today is 61st anniversary of Iran's National Student Day. Dec. 7 or 16Azar (in Iranian Calendar) is the anniversary of the murder of three students of University of Tehran on December 7, 1953  by Iranian police in the Shah's era. Every year there are demonstrations at many universities organised by students. The Iranian regime forces clash with student every year as Student's demands are been ignored. 3 students named: Ahmad Ghandchi, Shariat-Razavi and Bozorg-Nia were killed when the Shah's police opened fire on the students of University of Tehran going on strike in protest for imposing the atmosphere of fear in society and Shah's policies.
The Iranian-Canadians in Ottawa yesterday (Dec. 6, 2014) gathered in front of US embassy to show their solidarity with the Iranian Student's Uprising against the Iranian regime and in support of Democratic Change with Maryam Rajavi.