Sunday, December 07, 2014


Iran: Nationwide anti-government demonstration

Today, December 7, 2014 on the 61st anniversary of 'Student Day', students of a number of universities in Tehran and other cities including 'Science & Industry University', 'Sharif Industry University', 'Allameh University', 'Arts and Medical Science University' in Tehran, and other universities in Hamadan, Bandar-Abbas, Shahrood, Ahwaz and Babol held protest and anti-government demonstrations. Despite harsh security measures throughout capital and other cities, students held their annual gatherings and shouted anti-government slogans. They cried for the freedom of all political prisoners and insisted that they are ready to die, but not to accept humiliation.
- Classes in universities throughout Dezful were cancelled today out of fear of student riots and protests.
Reports from Dezful, a city in the southern
province of Khuzestan indicates that there was intense security presence in Azad(Free) University to prevent annual gatherings of students on the occasion of Students’ Day. The university’s main auditorium was locked and the majority of classes were cancelled with different excuses.

In commemoration of 'Student Day', Sunday, December 7, 2014, Medical Science University students where regime’s president Hassan Rouhani planned to give a speech broke the security barrier to get to the hall where Rouhani was giving a speech. The students chanted anti-government slogans including 'Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic.'
This was a way for students to show their anger and frustration at the government. The suppressive security forces stationed in and around universities from early hours of morning out of fear of a wide spread unrest on this day, attacked the protesting students. The guards used batons to disperse the students and arrested anybody who was filming the scene with their mobile phone.

- Students of Babol-Nushirvani University, northern Iran staged a protest gathering on Sunday, December 7, 2014 'Student’s Day' in Iran. University security guards, known as ’Harasat’ tried to break up the gathering, but the students persisted and booed the Harasat paramilitaries. They also sang a familiar and well recognized and cherished song by progressive students titled 'school friend.'
The protesting students were carrying placards in support of political prisoners. Some placards read: 'How you are going to stop new sprout from blooming?' and 'university is not a military base' and 'students are ready to die, but not to accept abjectness'.

The Iranian-Canadians in Ottawa yesterday gathered in front of US embassy to show their solidarity with the Iranian Student's Uprising against the Iranian regime and in support of Democratic Change with Maryam Rajavi.

Chinese man accused of smuggling parts with nuclear weapon dual use to Iran

A Chinese man accused of conspiring to export devices to Iran that can be used in nuclear weapons production was brought to the United States on Friday to face charges. The 'pressure transducers' devices sent to Iran through china were featured in pictures of nuclear centrifuge plants that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , former president of the clerical regime released to the public, U.S. federal prosecutors said. The man who arranged those shipments, Chinese citizen Sihai Cheng, landed in federal custody at Logan International Airport in Boston after he was extradited to from the United Kingdom.
He was arrested on
U.S. terrorism charges last February during a visit to the United Kingdom.

Iran - Tap water pollution in 8 districts in Tehran

A council member of Tehran said On Thursday, December 4, that tap water is polluted and not suitable for drinking in 8 districts of the city.
The health minister retorted that there is no problem with the water in
the Capital, Tehran.
Rahmatollah Hafezi, council member of
Tehran, said in an interview with the official State run news agency ISNA: “Analyses of samples taken in September in Tehran show that in 8 districts tap water is polluted.” He added: “The evidence of water pollution in Tehran was sent to an official control agency and the Minister of Health was informed of this case.” Recently, several members of the Tehran City Council have sounded the alarm about the deterioration of the water quality in the Iranian capital.

Iran: Staggering rate increase in bread price in 3 provinces

The prices of bread in a number of provinces are more than what originally was announced officially. In parts of Blouchestan Province the Taftoon Bread is being sold at 7000 rials for each loaf, while its official price was announced at 3000 Rials. This means %133 increased in the price.    
In the city of
Shiraz, bread had an increased price of up to %100. Also In the city Ardebil, northern Iran, an increase of up to %6o is recorded and more increase in the prices is expected in coming days.
Increase in the price of bread directly effects most poor and poverty stricken Iranians, and the Iranian regime predatory authorities have doubled the pressures directly on these social segment of the society by increasing the price of the most basic food item. 

Iran: Police raids a family party in Isfahan

Iranian regime's police raided a family party in the central city of Isfahan checking identifications of every guest.
The Iranian regime has stepped up suppression of people under various pretexts in
Iran as it fears public expression of anger against the regime.