Sunday, February 08, 2015


According to Associated Press Feb. 6, from Munich, a US official says Secretary of State John Kerry has pressed Iranian regime's foreign minister on the Obama administration’s desire to reach the outline of a nuclear deal by the end of March.
This official says that Kerry told Mohammed Javad Zarify the US wants to meet the March target for the 'political framework' of a final agreement to be done by summer. The pair met for two hours on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because this official wasn’t authorized to discuss the meeting publicly.
The five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany will resume negotiations with Tehran soon, with an eye on the March target that they set in November after missing two earlier deadlines. On the other hand Iranian dissidants in Munich held a demonstration protesting Zarif's presents at the Munich Security Conference. They shouted: No to Nuclear bomb, No to execution, No to torute and Yes to democratic change by Iranians and the resistance.

Orient TV reported that Assad regime has purportedly used phosphoric bombs to hit Zabadani city located in the outskirts of the capital Damascus. This material was placed inside exploding barrels meant to target residents of Zabadani. The use of chemical bombs by Assad regime has happened many times before and the international community has condemned this brutal action. Phosphoric bomb make severe burns to the skin and has killed many residents including children.


Bus drivers of OICO Company went on strike and stopped giving transport services to protest against delays of receiving their salaries.
The protesting bus drivers parked their buses inside the company premises and blocked the traffic. This protest staged on Wednesday Feb. 4th.

Thousands of Yemeni people rallied on Friday in Taizz to condemn Houthi brutalities in Sanaa and other Yemeni cities. The protesters were carrying placards calling Houthi militants as coup elements. Demonstrators called on politicians not to engage in dialogue with the militants.
The demonstration was after the Iranian regime backed and financed Houthis issued a statement from the Presidential Palace legitimizing their coup d’etat government and announcing a new constitution.
All Yemeni political and social forces have condemned and boycotted this announcement.
UN representative in Yemen has also gone to the Saudi Arabia to discuss the situation with the Secretary General Ban Ki moon who is visiting Saudi.

Associated France Press reported on Feb. 6 that Palestinian born Queen Rania of Jordon joined thousands of people who turned out after midday prayers in Jordan’s capital Friday to express their solidarity with the pilot murdered by the IS group.
The queen, wife of King Abdullah II, did not address the rally, where marchers chanted 'We are all Maaz,' a reference to pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh, and 'We are all Jordan.'
Kassasbeh was captured by IS in December after his F-16 crashed in Syria. He was burnt alive by ISIS.

Truck drivers and other contracting drivers of Asalouyah, Southern Iran gathered on Sunday Feb.1st in front of the main City Hall for the third day in row to protest against C.N.G stations closure. The Iranian regime authorities threatened the protesters against having any gatherings, but they ignored the intimidations. In this gathering 3 drivers were arrested and vehicles of 6 other drivers were confiscated.

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced Tuesday he is stepping down and will not stand in upcoming October election. In his speech at the Parliament Hill Baird 45, did not say what he planned to do next but but he said that the night before he had talked to PM Stephen Harper and informed him that he was stepping down and had no intention to run in the next general election.
John Baird has been in Federal and provincial politics for more than 20 years. He has demonstrated to be a man of pricipal. Mr. Baird is an outspoken politican who advocats human rights and human dignity. He has many times defended the rights of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.

Uruguay has expelled an Iranian senior diplomat in connection to planting a bomb near Israel embassy in Montevideo. Haaretz has reported after investigations carried out by Uruguay’s intelligence service and talk to Iranian government, the Uruguayan government decided to expel a senior diplomat in Iran embassy. Iran with the help of Hezbollah has a history of terrorist activities and infrastructure in South America. Amia bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 is an example of Iranian involvement in such operations.

An Iranian-born business owner in Los Angeles is under investigation for abusing a federal program called EB-5. EB-5 offers wealthy investors from other countries to obtain entry visa to US and eventually a permanent resident. According to ABC News, Alireza Mahdavi of American Logistics, a shipping and trucking company based in Carson California is under investigation for facilitating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to exploit the visa program to infiltrate the US. There are connections between Mahdavi and the network of Iranian lobby in the US. Mahdavi was a member of Iranian Trade Association, a San Diego Based lobby group against sanctions on Iran. In this report, Mahdavi expresses his hope that the United States to lift the economic sanctions it placed on Iran.

The disclosure of bribery by 170 members of mullahs’ parliament is a scandal that regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei is trying to cover up.
lawmaker Kamal-ad-Din Peermo’azzen told the state news agency of YJC on February 4: “The names of these 170 parliamentarians have been sent to the judiciary.”
This bribery was revealed during the trial of the first deputy of regime’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . In the power struggle between the ruling cliques, Ahmadinejad’s deputy Mohammadreza Rahimi has been prosecuted and sentenced to five years in prison.
In an open letter, Rahimi revealed that he has bribed 170 parliamentarians for a total of 1200 billion tomans which was equivalent to $4.5 billion at the time.
Mohammadreza Rahimi’s lawyer told official news agency IRNA: “My client is not planning to declare the names of those representatives who have received money from him.”
Ahmad Tavakoli, a senior parliamentarian called for Ahmadinejad himself to face justice.

Concurrently, Haddad Adel, a very close associate of Khamenei, attempted to cloak this scandal. He stated that Khamenei is against targeting other people in this issue.