Sunday, February 01, 2015


Congress must approve any nuclear deal with ‘tyrannical’ Iran
A US Senator has said America must demand complete nuclear disarmament by Iran during talks with the regime - which he branded a ’radical, Islamist tyranny’ that has been killing Americans for more than three decades.
The US Congress must either approve any new nuclear deal with the Iranian regime, or impose new sanctions if talks fail, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton insisted.
Writing in the Wall Street Journal, he said: 'A nuclear-capable Iran is the gravest threat facing America today. The Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, the so-called P5+1 talks, were supposed to stop Iran’s rush to a nuclear bomb.
'Regrettably, what began as an unwise gamble has descended into a dangerous series of unending concessions, which is why the time has come for Congress to act.
'Our negotiating ’partner’ Iran is not a rational or peaceful actor; it is a radical, Islamist tyranny whose constitution explicitly calls for jihad. Iran’s ayatollahs have honored the call: Iran has been killing Americans for more than three decades.”
Iranian-aligned Shiite militants had also seized the capital of Yemen, and Iran continues to prop up Bashar Assad ’s outlaw regime in Syria, Cotton said.
'It is the nature of Iran’s regime to kill Americans, export terror, destabilize the Middle East and foment world-wide Islamic revolution. If Iran commits these crimes against the West now, imagine what Iran would do with a nuclear umbrella.
'Yet the nuclear negotiations have become an endless series of concessions to Iran. As it stands, American negotiators have conceded to Iran the right to enrich uranium, for which Iran has no legitimate need, much less a right.
'The negotiators have also conceded to Iran its plutonium-producing reactor and possession or development of thousands of advanced centrifuges. Nor are the negotiators even addressing Iran’s ballistic-missile program. In return, Iran has received billions of dollars in sanctions relief.
'To end this appeasement, the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday approved legislation that would impose new conditional and prospective sanctions on Iran if nuclear negotiations fail.
'The proposed legislation also calls for congressional approval of any nuclear agreement. said senator Cotton.

The Iranian regime is in war with Satellite dishes
The Iranian regime in Southwestern Iran, and confiscated satellite dishes from residential houses on Wednesday Jan. 28th. An informed source said: 'the police agents offended the privacy of the residents and insulted them by climbing their buildings and going to their roofs in order to confiscate their satellite dishes.'

Iran State run media reported on Friday Jan 30th that a prisoner has been executed at dawn in Urumia prison. The number of executions in recent months has increased horrifically.
Human Rights Watch, HRW said in its annual report that the number of executions has increased dramatically since Rouhani has assumed power in Iran. The HRW report indicates that with Rouhani taking the presidential post many thought and were hopeful that the human rights situation and the rights of minorities and activists would improve. But with more than a year since his presidency the number of executions rose, the treatment of social activists have got worsen and minority rights is as bad as ever.
The HRW report cites a numerous executions including execution of political prisoners, violation of freedom of speech, pressuring social activists and the arrest of protesters to the heinous Acid Attack phenomenon.

Medical treatment of the political prisoner, Reyhaneh Haj-Ibrahimi in the notorious Evin Prison has deteriorated and the prison authorities are denying her any medical care. Reyhaneh has been denied her much needed medicine for past three years in prison, a crime that has contributed to her already poor health. She has been reported of suffering from neurological pain of her back and legs. She is also suffering from active and bleeding ulcer.

According to reports, retired employees of 'Parsilone' Factory in Khoram-Abad staged a protest gathering in front of the governor’s office of Lorestan Province on Wednesday Jan. 28th.  These employees who have been retired since 2011 said they will continue their protest until they receive their 4 years of unpaid bonuses and retirement payments.

One of the retired workers of 'Parsilone' viewing factory said: the average amount of retirement payments of 134 workers of this factory with respect to their working history is about 200 million Rials ($8000 according to official rate). These workers were retired with special consideration of working in hazardous and harsh conditions, but the factory has delayed the payment and the workers say they don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.